The Good Wife Season Finale Review: "Closing Arguments"

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Well, that was an outstanding episode. Up until the last five minutes.

I thought the way it was filmed, with the repeated opening and closing of the elevator doors was slick, but I really hoped that Alicia would back out at the last second (although we didn't actually SEE anything happen).

If they did go through with it, I know a number of you will say that it's prudish of me to say that it was inappropriate for Alicia and Will to shack up, or that her wedding vows no longer mean anything because of all that Peter did to her.

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Like it or not, though, she's still a married woman ... a married woman with a very high profile husband who now may very well have leverage of his own if a custody battle should arise at some point. Not to mention, how would her kids feel about this predicament? If we've learned one thing on this show, it's that secrets come out, no matter the effort put into hiding them.

I think Alicia would have been better served not have made any moves until she made up her mind about Peter and divorced him.

What I did appreciate about "Closing Arguments," for a change, was the actual case the team was working.

Often I'm more interested in what is happening outside the case, but this one was a nail-biter. It had an urgency reminiscent of the also stellar "Nine Hours" from earlier in the season which only added to the anxiety levels as we waited for the jury to come in with a verdict.

I have to hand it to Will; He's a master opportunist. The varied ways he managed to delay the jury deliberations were fantastic. I wasn't sure how serving them lots and lots of coffee would do much, but I guess that was part of his plan to get a juror or two in the bathroom so he could taint their objectivity. Well played Gardner. Well played.

I suppose in retrospect it makes sense that Peter was the anonymous whistleblower, but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when he tore up the UPS receipt. I honestly thought it was Cary, too, but at least now we know that Peter isn't so petty that he would send an innocent man to jail to spite Alicia and Will. Maybe there's a bit of good character still in him after all.

I could have done without Kalinda and Sophia having a romp in the sack. I mean, come on, was that really necessary? I suppose it did provide an opportunity to amplify Kalinda's remorse over what she did to Alicia, but it just felt out of sync with the rest of the episode for me.

Thankfully Alicia and Kalinda are finding a way to work with each other, albeit reluctantly. It gives me hope that their friendship will resume at some point.

Is Jackie stalking her grandchildren now? How uncomfortable was her encounter with the kids and Owen? I really wish Jackie would find something more constructive to do, like take up knitting or something other grandparents do. On one hand I do feel for her, since she likely does miss her grand kids, but chill out for a bit and let the waters cool, lady, before Alicia puts the kibosh on visitation altogether.

By far the best news of the entire episode was that Eli will be coming on board at LG in a permanent status and that Alicia will be working alongside him - despite her objection. I guess the writers are as pleased with the chemistry between  Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming as we, the viewers, are, and rightfully so. I love every second these two are on screen together and it would seem we'll get a great deal more Elicia time on season three.

See what I did there?

Are you as excited as I am about Alicia's new role at LG? What do you think of the latest development between Will and Alicia? As always we'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments!


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Now let Alicia not get the house she raise her children in and had a no good cheating husband. I say let her have totally have new beginnings and a beautiful upscale house in a beautiful neigborhood. Let her move forward without her cut throat husband and upgrade her with a man that truly loves her and works with her.One that is not easily seduced. If Will can step up his game and be that man so be it. Every woman nedds love and support they are not supper woman they just use all the strength to get the job done when it is needed. Sometime we must over ride the children decisions to be happy and the children need to move on as well. Give Alicia a promotion and a vacation and let her and Calinda become close again.Forgive each other and move on to greatness. Give Calinda a promotion as well. The mother of her husband has to go. Alicia has to move forward with someone move powerful than her husband. nothing but love for my favorite show.


i don't believe two wrongs make a right.Peter destroyed the trust alisa hadin him but i believe he has changed n he really does love alisha n will wish to save a marriage that has been destroyed with lies.alisa has a think before she acts cos this will cost her big time


After all this infidelity going on wouldn't be a real kick if Alicia came out of this with a baby, I forsee she wouldn't have to much support from her family or the asshole who caused it with her.


As avid fans we have mixed concerns, first we look at things from the season 1 start Not Before. I think Alicia has done wrong she should of said yes and stayed with it or divorce him, she has not been very supportive in her role as a wife or mother. To much time away from the home and to much flirting that has caused conflix in her life and also those of her kids which she has lied to often. My husband doesn't like Will he is your average single playboy who comes on to strong and after getting his moves on. Alicia will not be able to handle that kind of lying again. He does think Peter has been since the start not before shown his better side and Alicia doesn't support that but the kids do.


A judge will also consider the fact that Peter spent thousands of dollars of his family's money buying kinky sex from hookers, while he was still married. In contrast, Alicia has been supporting him AND their two kids for the last two years while he was unemployed, and she even paid his first few months rent after she kicked the bum out. She didn't cheat on him during their marriage, like Peter did repeatedly. Which one is the more upstanding parent? Hmmmm.....


It's more like Alicia "messed up" ONCE, while Peter committed adultery at least NINETEEN different times that we know of -- with at least two different women. Alicia went with the guy she should have married, and who has always loved her. Peter boinked whores, and a woman at work he didn't care about. Who do YOU think the judge will go with? Where do you think Peter has been going all those days when he's not at home and not at campaign headquarters? He doesn't have a job yet, you know. He hasn't changed a bit. I'd bet he's still cheating on Alicia. If you think he's squeaky clean now, you're very gullible.


This back and forth on the subject of legal separation is so gay, separated or not if one or both of the defendents have done it they are both committing Adultry and the court system will weigh the outcome as to why it went on and how long and when was the last time. A lot of couple have gotten hurt over this and wish one or the other had waited till after the divorce, the judge could sway the custody to the one who's past is clean for some time. The children are the ones who suffer and can make life very miserable for both partys. The way I see it right now Peter messed up 2 yrs ago and Alicia last week, who do you think the judge will go with ?


Maybe if you live in one of the backward yokel states, the authorities will try to tell you that you're "sinning", if you don't have a piece of paper giving you permission. (But keep in mind that there are still states where it's also "illegal" to have oral sex, even with your wife. Look it up.) In more civilized areas, though, "separation" starts when cohabitation ceases. In a no-fault divorce, it's only the length of time you've been apart that matters, NOT whether you've got some government-issued piece of paper yet or not. Of course, Alicia could divorce Peter on the grounds of adultery. She has his own testimony under oath, admitting he committed adultery eighteen different times! That sure beats her one night with Will, after she'd kicked the bum she was married to out. "...a pro-bono personal basis there was no billing going on" Guess again. Clearly you missed the exchange where she said "Thank you", and David Lee said "Oh -- no 'Thanks'. That was our first hour. And I round up." That means he was billing her for a full hour of his time, for that little consultation. He doesn't work for free, you know. "I hope Peter gets a copy and acts on it !!!!" Get serious! He's in no position at all to criticize. Gee, on the one hand, we have Alicia, who is separated from her cheating husband, spending ONE evening with a man who has loved her for fifteen years. On the OTHER, we have lying cheating rat Peter, who shtupped Amber EIGHTEEN DIFFERENT TIMES while he was still married to Alicia, and while she was waiting faithfully at home. He's even admitted it in court. And it turns out that he boinked Kalinda too. That's a very sleazy and sordid record he has, which he should be ashamed of -- even though it's incredible that people keep forgetting all about it. And you think PETER is in any position to criticize HER?? Either you're not paying attention, or you're living in a sad delusion. No judge with more than half a brain left is going to award custody to a sleazy, cheating hooker-banger over a separated wife who is merely going back to the guy she should have married in the first place.


Lawyer your right David Lee only talked to her on a pro-bono personal basis there was no billing going on. As a person of legal experience you are right "In order to be legally separated you have to submit and apply for divorce papers first then you can call it legally." Manny people say they a separated but under the law they are still married and in certain states it is against the law regarding adultry.
So are gal is still married and has crossed the line which we will see come sept 25 when she will sweating the outcome from her indescrestion. PS---I hope Peter gets a copy and acts on it !!!!


David Lee is billing her for his time on an ongoing basis. What episode did you see that? Legally, the period of separation starts to run when cohabitation ceases. All the rest is just paperwork. What down town bath house did you get this from? It starts when the papers go out not before. People can be separarted that doesn't shed any light in the legal system.
Do you know what a spell checker is? That is when your assistants don't use it. PS I wouldn't go around making comments about two-bit law school you went to, if you think what Alicia did was "call adultry" and yes she did.

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