The Good Wife Season Finale Review: "Closing Arguments"

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Well, that was an outstanding episode. Up until the last five minutes.

I thought the way it was filmed, with the repeated opening and closing of the elevator doors was slick, but I really hoped that Alicia would back out at the last second (although we didn't actually SEE anything happen).

If they did go through with it, I know a number of you will say that it's prudish of me to say that it was inappropriate for Alicia and Will to shack up, or that her wedding vows no longer mean anything because of all that Peter did to her.

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Like it or not, though, she's still a married woman ... a married woman with a very high profile husband who now may very well have leverage of his own if a custody battle should arise at some point. Not to mention, how would her kids feel about this predicament? If we've learned one thing on this show, it's that secrets come out, no matter the effort put into hiding them.

I think Alicia would have been better served not have made any moves until she made up her mind about Peter and divorced him.

What I did appreciate about "Closing Arguments," for a change, was the actual case the team was working.

Often I'm more interested in what is happening outside the case, but this one was a nail-biter. It had an urgency reminiscent of the also stellar "Nine Hours" from earlier in the season which only added to the anxiety levels as we waited for the jury to come in with a verdict.

I have to hand it to Will; He's a master opportunist. The varied ways he managed to delay the jury deliberations were fantastic. I wasn't sure how serving them lots and lots of coffee would do much, but I guess that was part of his plan to get a juror or two in the bathroom so he could taint their objectivity. Well played Gardner. Well played.

I suppose in retrospect it makes sense that Peter was the anonymous whistleblower, but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when he tore up the UPS receipt. I honestly thought it was Cary, too, but at least now we know that Peter isn't so petty that he would send an innocent man to jail to spite Alicia and Will. Maybe there's a bit of good character still in him after all.

I could have done without Kalinda and Sophia having a romp in the sack. I mean, come on, was that really necessary? I suppose it did provide an opportunity to amplify Kalinda's remorse over what she did to Alicia, but it just felt out of sync with the rest of the episode for me.

Thankfully Alicia and Kalinda are finding a way to work with each other, albeit reluctantly. It gives me hope that their friendship will resume at some point.

Is Jackie stalking her grandchildren now? How uncomfortable was her encounter with the kids and Owen? I really wish Jackie would find something more constructive to do, like take up knitting or something other grandparents do. On one hand I do feel for her, since she likely does miss her grand kids, but chill out for a bit and let the waters cool, lady, before Alicia puts the kibosh on visitation altogether.

By far the best news of the entire episode was that Eli will be coming on board at LG in a permanent status and that Alicia will be working alongside him - despite her objection. I guess the writers are as pleased with the chemistry between  Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming as we, the viewers, are, and rightfully so. I love every second these two are on screen together and it would seem we'll get a great deal more Elicia time on season three.

See what I did there?

Are you as excited as I am about Alicia's new role at LG? What do you think of the latest development between Will and Alicia? As always we'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments!


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My guess is the reason Peter and Kalinda didn't just deny it is that they probably figured Blake really had something on them, and it would only make it worse if they kept lying about it. Investigators like Blake wouldn't last long in the business if all they had was unsubstantiated accusations, so it's quite likely he did have some kind of evidence, like hotel receipts, photographs, or something. A shark like Blake would probably have been able to find evidence against them, one way or the other, including through the use of violence.


Here is what I don't get. There was no solid evidence that Kalinda slept with Peter. Why didn't they just deny it? Its not like Blake had pictures or videos, etc to use against them. They can simply say Blake made it all up.


Does anyone know who the guy was playing the piano who winked at Alicia before getting on the elevator, he was watching them check in and proceed up. Guess we will have to wait till Sept. to find out about what cameras saw and who will get burnt.


Ahh you proved my point exactly! Da**ed if he loves her and da**ed if he doesn't!


He is a player and will stay that way just like a cheater, he doesn't love her thats the biggest come on of the century words are cheap.


Ok Will haters, we get it. You don't like him. And that's your right. But it gets a bit absurd when every situation or scene is twisted to make him the bad guy. The man can't win and that's not playing fair. He dated Tammy for the whole season but he's accused of just wanting to get into her pants. As well as Alicia, when it has been established that he loves her. People knock him for lying about the voice mail,saying it shows who he is. But if he had said the truth the Will haters would be bashing him for hitting on a married woman. Let go of the hate!:)


I think this is her moving on, starting over, getting past a life where she was always the last priority to a life where she’s allowing herself a happier future.
I don't want to break anyone bubble but doing it this way will not bring a happier future, this scene about the room will certainly hit the youtube from elevator to enter room videos that the world will see and put a hugh damper on her future and family life. This will also put a strain on her friendship with Will when he pulls his try and get out of it role and Tammy shows up to save the day again.
Alicia doesn't need to play the mother role to a 40 something jigalo thats boohoos everytime he doesn't get his way. He pulled it once on Alicia and once on Tammy, trying to get in their pants.


I loved this episode and am 100% behind Alicia and Will finally getting together. Although I do think that Peter has been a better husband to her recently (not cheating being a good start), at a time when she was just beginning to really heal from the pain and move on from Will she’s hit with a bus (figuratively) with the news of Kalinda. Just when she was starting to trust Peter again (not an easy thing to do after being betrayed), that trust was broken once again. It was the last straw and the marriage is now over. Yes, she’s not legally divorced and the separation isn’t even public yet (because she doesn’t want to hurt Peter’s political prospects, btw that’s why she still has the wedding ring), but she’s definitely emotionally divorced. I think as soon as that hotel room door closed at the end of the episode they were all over each other and had a great time! Of course there will be consequences for their actions (and probably some pretty serious and public ones), but I think this is the beginning of their journey towards a happier life together (at least that’s what I hope will happen). I don’t think this is about getting back at Peter or Kalinda, or because they did it she can do it, I think this is her moving on, starting over, getting past a life where she was always the last priority to a life where she’s allowing herself a happier future. I think that that life is worth the consequences. This might sound cliché, but isn’t love worth fighting for anymore? Alicia and Will are close friends, know each other very well, have had romantic feelings for each other for a long time, and I think they would make an excellent and loving couple. Go Alicia and Will!!!


I DON'T agree at all that Will has been the cause of all her problems. Sorry but I believe he is the main problem as to why there is a threeway, divorce first than proceed. What is going on is no better than what Peter did and if pictures and video hit the market it will totally destroy everything she is working for. Plus I know you don't like kids but they will not handle it the same way as their father, which will break her heart.
If a person does it fifty times or once it is the same in the eyes of the Lord.


@All for One, I vote YES to the divorce, which she should have got two years ago. I'd also be fine if she got another job with one of the many other firms who are impressed with her -- which would also make it easier for her to pursue her relationship with Will. I DON'T agree at all that he has been the cause of all her problems. It's always been PETER. Many people think it's too awkward to have a relationship with your boss, but I know of many married couples who work together and there's no problem. But some people just have to gossip! If they got married, after her divorce is final, there would be nothing left to gossip about. As for "bonding" with her kids, at their age it's a bit late for that. They've already seen their scummy father cheating on their mother at their computer lab at school, and they know about "threeways" because of him. Even Grace thinks "just one hooker" is no big deal -- but of course, she doesn't know her rat of a father banged Kalinda too.....

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