The Good Wife Season Finale Review: "Closing Arguments"

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Well, that was an outstanding episode. Up until the last five minutes.

I thought the way it was filmed, with the repeated opening and closing of the elevator doors was slick, but I really hoped that Alicia would back out at the last second (although we didn't actually SEE anything happen).

If they did go through with it, I know a number of you will say that it's prudish of me to say that it was inappropriate for Alicia and Will to shack up, or that her wedding vows no longer mean anything because of all that Peter did to her.

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Like it or not, though, she's still a married woman ... a married woman with a very high profile husband who now may very well have leverage of his own if a custody battle should arise at some point. Not to mention, how would her kids feel about this predicament? If we've learned one thing on this show, it's that secrets come out, no matter the effort put into hiding them.

I think Alicia would have been better served not have made any moves until she made up her mind about Peter and divorced him.

What I did appreciate about "Closing Arguments," for a change, was the actual case the team was working.

Often I'm more interested in what is happening outside the case, but this one was a nail-biter. It had an urgency reminiscent of the also stellar "Nine Hours" from earlier in the season which only added to the anxiety levels as we waited for the jury to come in with a verdict.

I have to hand it to Will; He's a master opportunist. The varied ways he managed to delay the jury deliberations were fantastic. I wasn't sure how serving them lots and lots of coffee would do much, but I guess that was part of his plan to get a juror or two in the bathroom so he could taint their objectivity. Well played Gardner. Well played.

I suppose in retrospect it makes sense that Peter was the anonymous whistleblower, but that didn't stop my jaw from dropping when he tore up the UPS receipt. I honestly thought it was Cary, too, but at least now we know that Peter isn't so petty that he would send an innocent man to jail to spite Alicia and Will. Maybe there's a bit of good character still in him after all.

I could have done without Kalinda and Sophia having a romp in the sack. I mean, come on, was that really necessary? I suppose it did provide an opportunity to amplify Kalinda's remorse over what she did to Alicia, but it just felt out of sync with the rest of the episode for me.

Thankfully Alicia and Kalinda are finding a way to work with each other, albeit reluctantly. It gives me hope that their friendship will resume at some point.

Is Jackie stalking her grandchildren now? How uncomfortable was her encounter with the kids and Owen? I really wish Jackie would find something more constructive to do, like take up knitting or something other grandparents do. On one hand I do feel for her, since she likely does miss her grand kids, but chill out for a bit and let the waters cool, lady, before Alicia puts the kibosh on visitation altogether.

By far the best news of the entire episode was that Eli will be coming on board at LG in a permanent status and that Alicia will be working alongside him - despite her objection. I guess the writers are as pleased with the chemistry between  Julianna Margulies and Alan Cumming as we, the viewers, are, and rightfully so. I love every second these two are on screen together and it would seem we'll get a great deal more Elicia time on season three.

See what I did there?

Are you as excited as I am about Alicia's new role at LG? What do you think of the latest development between Will and Alicia? As always we'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments!


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Yikes! Jeffery=Pansy. I'm so glad smart women don't listen to you and your ilk. Of ick.


The final finale will blow everyones mind, it will not be what you expected out of this lifestyle today. Everyone has made their lines in the sand and think who is right but blood is thicker than water. Can't wait !!


Men & power and women's reaction to it. Cause and effect, actions and reactions. Just how much must a woman give up for a cheating political husband? Is there a person in this world that truly believes that Hillary & Bill Clinton have a loving relationship & that he no longer finds comfort in other womans arms? Maria S and Arnold, he was the typical political husband who cheated and she was the typical lying supporting step all over me good wife. Same can be said for Hillary & Mrs Edwards. In the case of Hillary she got what she wanted out of it in the end, she got her career once he was out of office, so she used him as he did her for career reasons. But what did Maria S or Mr Edwards gain, what did their families gain by them pretending to stay together? Nothing, eventually they were discraced again & only on higher levels and with human lives in the mix, children who were forced to grow up without public confirmation of who their fathers were. How many lies does Alicia have to endure? He told Alicia he slept with only call girls. He lied, the foundation of their attempt to get things on track was built on a lie. Then he sat back and watched as she got close to a woman he slept with & he said nothing. Even when he knew that people were closing in on the truth, rather than man up and let her know about it he once again made it so she learned the truth from a total stranger, just as she learned the first time. If he lied about the call girls and then lied about an affair with a woman he worked with aren't the odds pretty high that he lied aobut other things and other women? He's only coming clean when he gets caught and he is expecting her to forgive and forgive and forgive just because he says he is sorry, that he is a changed man. If Peter was changed he wouldn't have gotten back into politics until his home life was repaired & he would have put all the truths on the table for Alicia so that when she made her choice to give the marriage a try it was a fully informed choice and not one based on 1/2 truths. The are seperated & Peter is out the door, when you are married to such a public figure, when you yourself has appear on public tv you don't kick you man out on election night unless the marriage is over. Peter laid his cards on the table when he attempted to reverse blame and then simply refused to reply to her statement "say something that will make me fall in love with you again" "Goodbye". He's not interested in Alicia as a human being or as a person, he is only interested in her for taking on the role of "The Good Wife" in his world and once she said she didn't want to do that anymore he shut the door on them. It takes years to get divorced legally, usually couples are seperated long before the final paper is signed. Alicia & Peter are over and she made that clear, he has already accused her of sleeping with Will, which she did not do, so why not, what's keeping her from getting some of her happiness? She wants something, just a little something for her about her. Even now Peter has crossed the line into her worklife, there is his situation with Kalinda and now Eli coming to work there. If her person life has already infected her worklife then what's the point on holding out on the thing she wants the most? I have been married for 15yrs, my parents have been married for 50yrs & my grandparents were married for 65, I beleive in marriage but not at all costs. I don't think it's ok for husbands to cheat, I don't think it's ok for them to hookup with call girls and I don't think it's ok to dismiss your wife and family for political satifaction or work satisfaction in the mists of family crisis. One day Alicia's children are going to look back and see a mother who learned to forgive their father & treated him with kindness when lesser people would not have. She took him back into their home from prison after what he did and then she supported his career, she helped him mend his public image and his relationship with his children and even now she is protecting that image for him. But they will also see that Alicia is standing up for herself, demanding respect as a person, Grace will learn that it's not ok for her future husband to slept with call girls & co workers and Zack will learn that if he does treat the woman he loves like this he will lose her, so he needs to treat her with respect. Alicia is doing what Jackie didn't and it begs the question, would Peter be the cheat that his father was and expect Alicia to be the good wife if Jackie didn't stay and take the abuse. What's more important, raising a good husband & man or raising a successful politician? If Peter doesn't cheat, go to jail & lose his home and job then Alicia doesn't enter the workforce and she doesn't have to reach out to a man with whom she knows. She doesn't have to turn to Will in a desparate state, which is why she does turn to him because she knows he won't say no. Without Alicia's job at L&G Peter's legal bills aren't paid and his campaign isn't originally funded. Frankly is Will doesn't take care of the pitted evidence situation than Peter is still in jail & Alicia is no longer a lawyer. Alicia has spend the last 15yrs taking care of Peter (she still is) and her kids, is it not ok for her to take care of her needs just this once, for her to say I'm not going to sacrifice my needs always.


Seperated or not two wrongs don't make it right, if this goes to divorce court with this info she will lose. All of Peters fun was over two years ago, hers is today big difference.
Anyway to give everyone a sneak preview of season 3 episode 1 looking back at the door closing to room $7.800 we will hear the good old cell phone ringing and Alicia will have an emergency at home A.S.A.P. That should blow everyones twisted mines about hot springs tonight, what a way to start the season. HO HO HO


I don't agree with you at all!! She and Peter are seperated! Therefore it doesn't count as cheating, she can do whatever she wants! I'm so glad she and will FINALLY did it! yay!


any doubts we're gonna be listening to lady gaga's "government hooker" next season?


Even though it is tv and people want to see the bad side of people today tells the world there is something wrong with sociality and the moral upbringing of today.
When you look at today regarding the numbers of mid-age divorces think about why, manny are from infidelity why men do it because of insicurity and women because of inmaturity. The biggest problem is when the wife goes back to work after having children and trys to restart an old carrear again with not thinking about the home front and starts a downward spiral in the marriage and total destaster of the family.
In this show neither one has taken the time to see this and we are seeing the outcome, unforunatly they have thrown in a infidelity on her part with going through a divorce. Seperation with out divorce doesn't give anybody the right to jump into the sack, it always get out and the person ends up being labeled as an easy lay among fellow workers and associates and ruins their future.


I disagree, I think Alicia did try. And how many times did she give up what she wanted to make her family happy? If her husband and kids had it their way, she'd be the stay at home mom she was before. Peter thinks he owns her. He made that very clear during that final scene outside the elevator. Alicia's entire perspective changed when she learned the truth about her marriage. But she didn't want to hurt her kids. She was a loyal wife and helped him get elected. She was willing to forgive him because she thought she knew the entire truth. She though he'd stop lying to her. But she asked straight out if there had been something between him and Kalinda, they both lied to her face. Her trust for their marriage couldn't take anymore. Alicia has been humiliated, cheated on, lied to repeatedly, tricked, and bullied into supporting Peter. But she's the slut? She's the one that didn't try? Peter is not a changed man. Yes, sending that evidence worked out for her but it could has just as easily blown up in LG's faces! It also took Glen Childs down a notch further, which is good for his career. Speaking of which, Alicia would go against Peter in court. Which wouldn't work out well if Peter was aiming for Governor and needed his wife at his side. Whose career would have to be sacrificed? Probably Alicia's. I don't get how Alicia is the whore for finally having a night with a man she's loved for years and years, after she told her husband that their marriage was over? They're not even under the same roof anymore! Their children know that they're not together but Alicia doesn't want the press to stalk her family. Hence why she doesn't make it official. Alicia had the decency to tell Peter she didn't want to be with him anymore before moving on. Peter never showed her any kind of respect. But society blames the women when marriages fail and it's ridiculous. I also resent being told I don't have morals. Marriage is a beautiful between two people that love and respect either. You can't love someone but not respect them. Peter didn't respect Alicia and he didn't respect his marriage. He broke his vows and lied to her. Alicia is prisoner to his career and ambition. She has right break free. Yes, I know this only a t.v but it speaks about real life issues.


Everyone thinks Peter will be the one to set her up for a big downfall, I disagree with Renata in regards to Alicia doing everything in her power to rebuild her marriage. She did absolutely nothing!! She never even tried it was more important to be around Will at work and less time at home with the family, after returning to the work force she put the whole family in 2nd place and that started the downfall. Peter tried and tried but Alicia closed minded about the past made things worst to her, she instead went backwards to good old Georgetown dreams. In the future coming up the writers will bring all of this to the forefront and show her where she went wrong and try to straighten her out.


RE: Peter being the whistleblower - his motives are not as altruistic as you'd like to believe. By sending evidence to Alicia, he may be setting up her entire career to fall like a house of cards if he decides to sue for custody. Imagine the leverage he'd have if he revealed how that evidence came to the defense. She'd be forced to decide between her kids, or possibly sending an innocent man to jail if the verdict was overturned and any blood evidence thrown out. Embarrassing Glenn Childs in his final case was just icing on the cake. I also wouldn't put it past Peter to involve his mom, Jackie, in collecting evidence against Alicia. Alicia's ace-in-the-hole may be her friendship w/Eli, even if she doesn't know it yet.

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