The Good Wife Season Finale Promo: When One Door Closes ...

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In the second season finale of The Good Wife next Tuesday, Alicia and Kalinda must put aside their strained relationship and rush to prove their client's innocence of murder.

Meanwhile, after all they've been through, Alicia and Peter reach a crossroads, and at the same time, she and Will reach a turning point in their own relationship.

When one door closes, another opens.

In Alicia's case, this old adage may prove correct literally and otherwise. Watch the promo for "Closing Arguments" below and see why:

Emotions will be running high when this terrific season of television - one that may well result in an Emmy for Julianna Margulies - comes to a close next week.

To catch up on how we got here, read our Good Wife review from last night. Then sound off in the comments on how you think the season finale will play out.

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Its about time to tell the truth about what has been going on since the season 1 beginning, there has been to much lying and deceit about the past and present plus the future. Everyone sits around and condems the wrong person about all these hidden moments.
These series are not about Peter they are about Alicia, it shows how she can't handle herself as a Good Wife instead she does the reverse and lies to herself and her family after telling everyone that they were going to try which she didn't. From the start in prison when Peter asked her did she love him and she said YES. She has done what alot of women do when they return to the work place again after a long spell, forget their families and think they are single again that usually ends up destroying her family and marriage.
So take a good look at the last 2 seasons and see what this is all about.

Anika harrison chisolm

I think Alicia should think before she acts....right now she got Peter right where she wants him. If she plays this right she will come out on top but if she sleeps with Will it will only open up another can of worms...hum what if she gave up a love child of theirs years ago or maybe this romp in the elevator will produce a child. What if it’s all a lie about Peter and Kelinda sleeping together? They just said that to hide the fact she is bi. Maybe a case she was working on hit to close to home …she did change her name. Why did she do that? Oh the possibilities!!!


I am So Glad Alica & Will, have finally gotten together. Hope to see something develop on a permanet basis. I also hope Alica hears Kalindas side, since Peter did tell Her that it was not Kalindas fault. Alica needs to remember what a cheater & liar, her Husband is, & for give Kalinda.


I'm not much of the good wife fan since i've never watched a whole episode but i came here so i could blackmail my mom... she truly hates spoilers...


GreaT Promo; great timing if only an hour, what a line for a playboy looking for the usual one night stand great ending. Can't wait for the Peter/Will showdown hopefully next season its going to be good. We will see where her cards land then, the past will come out on good old Will.


I hope things are not getting tight Julianna Margulies is making Loreal commerscales these days, I hope thats not bad news.


Some viewers expect Alicia to be a saint? She has desires too. I can't wait to see how her journey continues. I love her character. Best show on TV.


Looks like the new script has good old Will in the hot seat, couldn't happen to a nicer guy burn baby burn.


Go Girl! just do it! R.I.P Team Peter


Go Peter we are all rooting for you to take control again and put an end to the Will issue. The votes are in and you have a clean slate for the last two years, Alicia has little white lies and not coming forward when you had the conversation with her about mking it work which she didn't. We hope the children can forgive their mother for her indecrestions behind their backs and telling them lies about it also.

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