The Mentalist Review: "Like A Redheaded Stepchild"

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It was Rigsby's night to shine on The Mentalist. "Like A Redheaded Stepchild" introduced Wayne's bad ass father, hinted at an abusive childhood and had him admitting his feelings for Grace. 

I've always had mixed feelings about Rigsby. He's the wannabe super cop but has a little too much frat boy in him to really pull it off well.

Putting Cho in the impossible position of either ratting on his partner or lying to Internal Affairs was a definite low point for the character.

Jane on the Case

I also wasn't thrilled when he expected Grace to be the one to leave the team when their relationship was made public.

When we were finally introduced to Rigsby mean, crude, quite possibly abusive father, it added some much needed depth to his story. 

He's discussed his father but we had never really seen his inner turmoil displayed so prominently. His father's only redeeming factor was that he didn't stab his son when he had the chance. Not exactly the warm and fuzzy father son relationship you'd hope for.

I always felt Rigsby and Grace made a cute couple and thought their love story was much too brief. So I was thrilled to see Wayne finally man up and tell Grace he still loved her. He wasn't trying to stop her from getting married. She was the one that broke things off between them. But he was honest with her about why he couldn't watch her get married. 

I love it when characters are honest. It happens so rarely.

Not that Jane could ever take a back seat to anyone but his storyline just didn't pack the punch that it normally does. What's with Jane's fascination with prisons? He enjoys spending time in them far too much. It's just odd.

Patrick trying to convince Lisbon to go for a short haircut was comical. "You've got a great skull. I've always said that." Just what every girl wants to hear. And can you just imagine her with a pixie cut?

Overall we got some nice character background in this episode and perhaps a set up for Van Pelt's wedding. Do you think she'll walk down the aisle or will Rigsby be helping her pick up the pieces? Lay your bets. Only one more episode left before the finale.


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Yes! Rigsby finally told her how he felt. I always liked those two together. Since we probably won't see Jane and Lisbon get together anytime soon, the show could use a little romance. I've got my fingers crossed for these two.

Blair lover

I realy like jane and lisbon when they will be together am in s02 and I am jasbon fan =)


Thanks for the GREAT scene with Rigsby and Van Pelt!! Hope this means that we can expect a great story line with them getting back together. Great sweet couple!!


I liked Rigsby and Grace when they were together. There were such a sweet couple and I hated the way they broke them apart. The breakup wasn't Rigsby idea but he didn't really fight her on it either. I don't see Grace getting married but I don't know what the future holds for these two.


Forsythe was great as Rigsby's father. Jane's fascination with prisons comes from his general fascination with human behavior, especially primal human behavior that gives people away. Prisons are one of the best places to see such things. One of the better stand-alone episodes of the season. I also liked that Rigsby was honest with Van Pelt. I too think Grace's FBI boy-toy will be brutally killed in the finale.


This generally is a very clever show with twists and turns and ever-present shadow of Red John. However, I wish the leading characters, in particular Lisbon, would practice their diction. I have to replay half the show to understand what is being "mumbled" by some of the cast ensemble..... they learn a script, but the audience does not have the words to see what they were actually saying. The flip side to this is that they want the conversations to be "authentic" - but I STILL would LOVE to understand what is being said. And will RED JOHN EVER BE RESOLVED??


This was close to being the lamest episode so far. Jane's jailbird experience was dismissive and he expounded on it too much. His being given acess to the control room was odd, he is not a prison employee and his catching the killer was a farce. I do hope we're done with the Rigsby/Van Pelt thing, and there are only a few episodes left including a 2 part finale which is supposed to shake things up. Now that Lisbon knows about Hightower and the informant in the CBI lets get some action here.


I'm totally convinced Grace's boyfriend is either a bad guy or going to get killed. And I'm leaning toward bad guy. I suppose it's a little too pat to expect him to be Red John's man, but with the wedding coming and the infiltrator to be revealed, I can't imagine it's not him.


Jane told Lisbon before that she'd look good with short hair. That was in Season 1 so this was a nice continuity.
Also you should google pics of Robin with pixie cut. If someone can pull off that look then it's her (or watch her in "Supernova" or "End of Days"). The ending scene was unnecessary really. We know dating within the unit is forbidden so how would they continue their relationship next season? Also if Rigsby was happy for her he shouldn't have messed with her head before the wedding. Low blow really. And badly written by the writers. Come on, get over this pairing- we've been there and there's no reason to revisit.
They're off so much better as friends.

Sue ann

Rigsby offered to transfer to another office. He would have done anything to keep Grace. I thought the episode tonight was better than the general run of them lately. I was interested to note that the first time Rigsby went to his father's house, Rigsby Senior told him to go away, but turned around and walked back into the living room, leaving the door open. This relationship is way more complex than they even showed. If Grace marries the boyfriend, it will probably turn out badly. He showed himself gutless in the shootout a few weeks ago, when Rigsby debated whether or not to tell her that her lover turned tail and ran. That is something I would want to know about a man I was considering marrying; Rigsby took the high road, given his feelings, but I don't think it was the right one. I haven't seen any leaks or spoilers on this one, so I have no idea what will happen. Everything has been about the person who dies, not about anyone getting married. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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