The Mentalist Review: Cho Smiles!

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Kimball Cho has always been a fascinating character and one of my favorites on The Mentalist. My general complaint has been that we don't get to see enough of him, which is why "Rhapsody in Red" made me so happy.

For once Cho, with his dead pan delivery and stoic looks, got his chance to shine.

Jane and Teresa

When Anthony picked Cho's keys and jacked his ride, it should have shaken that cool demeanor. Even with Jane calling him Starsky and offering him a ride, Cho's self control was firmly in place.

He never seemed angry with the kid, even when he had to handcuff him to the file cabinet because he reminded him to much of his younger self.

Can you just imagine what a smart mouthed, little gang banger Cho must of been? That picture is the exact opposite of the imperturbable man we know now.

I appreciated the scene when Cho went head to head with the DA's office. ("I agreed I shouldn't help. Didn't say I wouldn't.") Yet the look on his face told us he was worried about the fallout for the CBI.  It was a great moment of doubt that played over his face, but his conscience obviously wouldn't let him walk away from that child without trying to help.

The case of the week didn't really hold my interest, although I liked the music almost as much as Jane. When Jane played on the drums it was such a little boy moment. I enjoyed seeing Jane's mischievous side just having a bit of fun.

And I loved it when Teresa immediately knew Jane had started the rumor about the victim having a scandalous affair. She knows him so well now that she didn't miss a beat.

All in all this was a light hearted episode to hold us over before next week's season finale. A Red John confrontation awaits. I can't wait.


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i have faithfully watched this show forever. i am so tired of re-runs, come on please get some new shows on.


Sorry youstolemeaway. I will apologize if I offended you, because it was not my intention. I see that you love Robin Tunney. Robin seems like a wonderful actress and an intelligent person.
My complaint was not against her or her character. My complaint was against your complaint saying that There Was Not Enough Lisbon in the show. And I think there is enough. And yes, I still say that Lisbon is, 80% of the time, the counterweight to Jane. And as a character, Lisbon is only fun as a counterpoint to Jane. For the vast majority of viewers, not the minority fans involved in forums and follow the characters, What makes the series different, fun and entertaining is Jane and historical interaction with the rest of the team. I speak of the public. That audience is one that allows the series is not canceled.
And it is true that two people watching the same show, they may be seeing different things, because I think Lisbon always acts like a nagging mother, and if my mother will laugh at my feelings and my creative side and paecería me crazy "cruel" . In this type of "cruelty" I meant. That crazy part is the best character. That "cruelty" is showing great chemistry between between them, one of the best things about this show.
It is true that she protects him, but in the same way as the rest of his team, except that Jane is helpless: He isn't cop and the reasons why working in the CBI are traumatic. On the other hand, Lisbon is smart and independent of their bosses and his career has not only risky to defend Jane, has also risky to defend their own discretion, as in the episode in which she is suspended for criticizing LaRoche. Well, do not forget that Lisbon and Jane are only characters, not people.
Again sorry for my bad English


Lnsy, the show could never continue without Lisbon. I don't think you have understand that this character isn't only written to be Jane's boss but also a good friend and will most likely be the reason why Jane won't kill Red John or why Jane won't get charged if he killed Red John.
She's much more important than people think she is. If she died Jane would't be able to manage it I am sure. She's too important to him. Also you are wrong about Lisbon being a secondary character. Robin Tunney is written as the female lead NOT as a secondary character. That would be Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt. I'm sure the show hasn't 60 million viwers around the world because of Lisbon but I'm also show it hasn't these amount of viewers because of Jane. It's the dynamic that makes it so great.
Also read carefully. No one here doesn't like jane but you must accept that people criticise him as much as you criticise Lisbon for example. No one said the show is about "Lisbon and friends" either. Please read before you make assumptions like this. And please respect that there are people who are more fans of Lisbon or Cho than Jane. That doesn't mena they hate Jane tho.


Yeah wow this is just so typical. "If you don't like jane go watch another show" blabla. I never said I didn't like him but it's obvious to me that the show wouldn't do as good if the team wasn't there as well. Too bad so many people just don't get how many others watch for the dynamic of the characters and NOT for Simon Baker.
You should read my posts more carfully before attacking me.
Why did the writers write the team in when they never intend to devlop them? The show could very well be just about Jane solving crimes ALONE. But no they wrote in a team, so they should also use it. @Lnsy Yeah and some normal viewers are very biased and don't do Jane or the show any favor too. The way you talk about Lisbon just totally confirms you have no idea what your talking about and how essential she is to the show and the character of Jane. You think she's cruel to jane? Really? Have you followed the same show as me? have you seen what she has done for him? Risking her career a couple of times, stikcing out her neck for him, taking all his shit? And he never gives anything back.He ows her BIG time.
You also say you don't read other forum so why making an assumption that's just not true? Just because I post my opinion here you make silly statement like "Lisbon fans are so biased". That what I would call BIASED my dear. I stand by my opinion for more Lisbon next season. I hope the writers give her a love interest.


Yeah if you don't like Jane go watch some other show. It's his show and he can be as goofy or stoic as he wants. That said, every god damned character on this show is awesome. Not one of them feels out of place and not one of them feels forced. That said, Jane -is- the focus of the show. He'll always be there. With his smile. Just because he can.


I would not see the show if not for Jane. I recall that the show is called The Mentalist, he is the protagonist, Lisbon is a secondary character, if she died as a character, you do not desire, the show would continue without her. The show may have more than 60 million viewers around the world and it isn't because of Lisbon (the show is not about Lisbon and friends). I irrated me that fans who write about Lisbon, always criticize Jane, if you do not like to see him leave the show. This show has a protagonist and his name is Patrick Jane. If you'll notice, Lisbon's personality is created to be a counterweight to Jane.
I think Lisbon is irrelevant. She is a bossy with Jane, but she leaves him qu resolve the cases. She has no sense of humor and sometimes she is cruel to him. But this is television.
If I had to choose I would stay with the first season where she had less prominence and there was more interaction between Jane and the rest of the team.
I never write in forums I am a normal viewer, but some followers of Lisbon-Tunney are very biased and they do not do her any favors. Sorry for my English.


Cho is awesome, there is so much depth to his character that we are drip fed, every so often we are treated to little Cho moments. Jane is starting to annoy me a little and Lisbon doesn't get the screen time she deserves.


Cho is laconic but he was very good with the boy. He is a wonderful character and it is always a pleasure when the focus is on him. I was rather disappointed with Jane in this episode. A little too much self-indulgence which undercuts his charm.


Cho FTW!


Cho was great but I want more Lisbon! My highlight always is Robin Tunney as Lisbon and there was just not enough in this episode. But is it just me or does she get prettier with every episode? What I found a bit disappointing was that they missed the opportunity to give us at least a little more character information on her when it was so easy. Remember Season 2 when Jane tried to guess which instrument she played in highschool? I thought it would have been perfect to tell us the secret if it had been her playing the instrument by the end. But no it was once again Jane, cause obviously we are meant to believe he can just to EVERYTHING.
He's the lead that's clear but if it wasn't for Lisbon I wouldn't watch. So please writers a bit more focus and her next season! Robin is a great actress and deserves it.

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