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The Simpsons Season Finale Review: "The Ned-Liest Catch"

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Last night was The Simpsons season 22 finale, and the show attempted to bring back some of its former glory from its season six cliffhanger finale, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"

With this season, the stakes were a lot lower, as the fate came down to whether Nedna (Ned and Edna) would last as a couple, as opposed to who committed murder and whether a man would live.

Ned-Liest Catch Picture

But this season also added another fun element with "The Ned-Liest Catch:" voting. 

Fans are encouraged to head to and vote on whether they want to see Nedna work things out. The winner will be announced during the season 23 premiere. But before we go into analyzing if this is a clever marketing gimmick or not, let's discuss the episode. 

Some of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons take place at Springfield Elementary, so I was more than okay with this one focusing mostly on school antics and Nedna's relationship. Homer may bring the strongest laughs to the show, but part of what makes it so amazing is the ensemble cast of characters it's built over the last 22 years.

Heck, probably the funniest bit of the night involved most of the cast: Edna's past with the many men of Springfield. Watching them fight for Edna's face as Ned attempted to kiss her was great. Also amazing? That Comic Book Guy was one of her former lovers. "My email address is Edna172.  It was the lowest number I could get."

Although they've been done before and their results are often erased, I also always get a kick out of Homer bonding with his neighborino, Flanders. Don't get me wrong, I'd never want these two to be best friends, as their one-way rivalry gets me every time. It's just fun every time you see Homer realize that Flanders isn't as awful as he thinks.

Flanders and his ridiculous rhyming is entertaining when it's sprinkled throughout episodes. Luckily, even with a full episode of Ned, they never overdid it. Two notable Simpsons jokes from his rhyming? Failing to come up with something with orange and dropping the neighborino when he was upset. It's just great to see animated characters so fleshed out. 

So overall, what did you guys think of the season finale? And, more importantly, are you voting for or against Nedna? Or do you even care?



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    I wish my gym classes were like that...


    What the hell happened to the couch!?


    Not sure if i like the paring of Edna and Ned


    Correction,Bart is 10 years old.Not 8


    Ned + Edna = D'oh!


    the simpsons is a freaking classic idc what no body says the simpsons will always be funn


    ha haha ga hhaahhaa gaagagagagag ha


    simpsons hasn't been good in almost 10 years now. its sad because ppl think these episodes are funny..but most have never seen the classic was nothing like this show


    I say, go Nedna, basically because I want the series to evolve, yea, I like the always eternal 8-year old Bart, but they could move on with the series a little bit. It would even be cool if Edna get pregnant.


    I didn't like it. it wasn't funny or interesting. I really have the impression that the show lost sth. I really like the older ones better...and I missed the couch scene