The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Review: The Choices We Make...

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It was all about choice on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries.

While Damon's fate was never really a question this week - yes, this show kills off more characters than any other on TV, but the odds of Damon dying are lower than Lindsay Lohan turning down a drink - we were left to wonder just how the brooding, sarcastic Salvatore would be saved.

And the answer was an exchange I never saw coming, just one of many choices that highlighted "As I Lay Dying." Let's review them all, along with their consequences...

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Stefan trades a sibling for a soul. Might as well start with the biggest of them all, right? The series gave us a glimpse into Stefan's dark past on "The Dinner Party," but I never dreamed we'd see that side to him again. Remember his conversation with Elena on that episode?

Elena: He described you as a monster.
Stefan: That's what I was.

And that's what he now is again. It was shocking to see Paul Wesley with blood tricking down his mouth this week, a sight only made more disturbing by the faint smile on Stefan's lips as he embraced the beast that had been bottled up for so long.

A noble act to save his brother? Perhaps. But Katherine pointed out the other side to that seemingly benevolent coin upon delivering the cure to Damon: didn't Stefan also abandon Elena by doing so? And how many innocent lives, starting with that girl Klaus served up, will now die as a result of Stefan's decision?

No matter how much you love Damon, you have to wonder: is his life really worth all that?

Damon chooses to accept his fate. Oh, the cruel irony. Just as Stefan was paying the ultimate price for what he deemed to be his ultimate mistake - turning his brother - Damon was realizing that he has no one to blame but himself for the events in 1864.

He was manipulated by Katherine back then, he made the decision to love her anyway and it was that triangle which sealed his and Stefan's future. An amazing job, as always, by Ian Somerhalder, bringing every painful emotion to the forefront as Damon lay dying.

Elena plants one on Damon. Because he was literally on his death bed? Out of pity? True feelings? Only she knows for sure. Actually, she probably doesn't.

Bonnie decides to save Jeremy. My biggest problem with the show is how it has occasionally used Bonnie's powers as a crutch. There seems to be a spell for every scenario, as we witnessed last week when she suddenly discovered a way to save Elena.

But, wow, it's hard to complain too much when the spell results in such a What-the-Hell-just-happened-and-what-could-it-possibly-mean development as we saw to conclude this finale. Jeremy sees dead people?!? Are Anna and Vicki actually alive again? Are they merely visions? Will they be joined by others?

Caroline's mother accepts her daughter, fangs and all. A nice family moment here, and one that also leaves the door open to storylines on season three. Will Liz now use the power of her position to defend the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls?

A few more observations from an incredible final episode:

  • Jeremy has now died twice. Might he eventually be revealed as a cat? Seven more lives to go, buddy.
  • You've gotta love the spirit in Mystic Falls. The only busier people than the vampires in this town must be the costume shop owners.
  • RIP, Elijah. Probably. We think. As we've seen, it takes A LOT to kill this guy.
  • Will Alaric adopt Elena and Jeremy? There was definitely a fatherly vibe to the way he cared for the latter.

So, the only piece of good news following such a riveting finale? We have plenty of time to discuss it before a new episode airs. Do so now in the Comments section and/or our Vampire Diaries forum!


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Yay, delena is going to slowly start!!! Endgame


I also predict Elijah will be back, leading his family against Klaus. They may even team up with Delena in killing the bony villain-bro. Gillies is a fantastic actor with the largest presence on the screen and Plec herself has recognised this.
Alaric needs a bigger role, his character is a bit too bland at present.


Well now, kathryn taunts elena that stefan has abandoned her for damon but dont fall for that taunt. Stefan didnt choose between Damon and Elena's lives; he saved the life of someone he loved at the cost of his soul. What a huge sacrifice. And in the process yes he loses his chance of happiness with Elena, but saving a life was his prime concern - noble and loving. She would have done the same every time. But then he does kill an innocent human. I think by that time he was too far gone to make a decision from his good and decent side. I think had he been given that choice up front before he drank the blood, he wouldnt have chosen it. One thing that distinguishes stefan is his respect for all human life - in contrast with Damon. The return of Vicki and Anna bore me really. But perhaps the fact that Jeremy can see them is a sign of greater turmoil to come. Jeremy is totally underused as a character. He is one of the two most beautiful characters on the show and he can act. And this whole schtick about him being younger than the others - he's only a year younger right?


This whole love triangle thng with elena is geting old they should for anothr Rose for daemon to fall inlove with but stil show us that elena and daemon have filings for each other that would make us wait longer and realy want us to watch more..stelena rocks but stefen needs to be a badboy atleast to make their relationshp fun not the kiling badboy stuf but the rude bad boy stuff whch hopefuly hel now get after going with klaus...abow jeremy i just kant wait i loved the chemistry he had with anna it was powerful just kant wait for seazn 3..and i don thnk delena wil happen


First, i wanna thank the writers for creating such an amazing season of TVD. When I started watching the first Season Vampire Diaries after finishing the third of True Blood, it was nearly impossible to like it.
It seems to be Dawsons Creek with Vampire, and the similarity was so strong to Twilight and Ed-ward and Bella.
But now, they got me. I fell totally in love with the great characters the writer create and the fantastic storyline they build.
Thank you..and please, go on like this..
Can`t wait till September. The last four episode are the best I ever watched in television, and let me forget everything around.
First… Stefan is sacrifice himself for Damon.. My heart was exploding when he offered all his feelings for his brother when Damon told him about his close dead..
It was amazing…
Well, I know some of you want Stefan being just the good guy, but it`s so outstanding to watch him turning bad. And I think the story needs Stefan not just being the boyfriend every mother wants for her daughter..
Paul has much more to give to the audience than just the boring boyfriend..
I hope this will go on in season 3, because I think he and Niklaus are a great dark couple. Second, Niklaus is a real bad guy..found my self smiling, although that I adore Elijah, when he reunited him with the rest of his family.
I really hope the writer will get Elijah back, maybe that Damon and Elena will take the dagger out of his heart and will bring him back to life to save Stefan..
Really hoping this.. Third and I swear it breaks my heart into thousand peaces, and i`m not this fanatic Delena shipper..
But the scene between them both were heartbreaking..
When he told her.. “I know you love Stefan, and it`s always gonna be Stefan..
But I love you..and I think you should know it..� “I do� “You should have known me in 1864, you would have liked me� “I like you now. Just the way you are..� I stop breathing… Who wouldn`t be there beneath him…
I love it to see him being so honest and sweet to Elena..Ian showed up great feelings..
And also if I know, that it will take maybe a long time to see them both in love with each other..
But I hope so much, that it will happen..
Because they both have great chemistry..
For now.. Elena have to work out her feelings, now that she must admit there is something far away from friendship between them both..
And i`m really thankful for the slow building of this storyline because it isn`t Elena if she fell suddenly in love with him..She first have to realize the good sides of his manifold and adorable character..
Hoping for this in season 3.. But now, and this is the hardest part.. We have to wait to get them all back.. Thank you again, for this great season..


there's no one i would hate in Vampire diaries till the end like just in case Elena doesn't forgive Damon. We all know Damon is crazy and all that but his feelings towards her r making him change completely in2 a better guy. Elena should 4give him or else she is just another slut there is in the movie


I really think that the fact That Stephan sacrificed himself for bothh Damon and Elena.... They both will show him respect and remain loyal.
Damon will show loyalty to his Bro by not going after Elena, and Elena will feel guilty for kissing Damon, which in my opinion was not a love kiss.
And both will team up to bring Stephan back.
I think the main story of S3 first episodes will be free Stephan/kill Klaus.
Im really impatient to see what will be Jeremy's role, with the seeing dead people thing. Are Anna and Vicki real,halucinations, or ghosts... How will Jer handle that and all these stuffs.


Well, I liked the Finale.But some questions aren't answered... lil things when you think about it.
1-Elijah being killed by the dagger
Wasn't it supposed to be only humans who can wield it?Any other supernatural beings being instantly killed?
2-How the hell was Stephan and Elijah able to get in Alaric's house,cause i dont recall that Alaric invited them in.
3-Katherine was on vervain,means no further compulsion would work on her,that means even the release that Klaus gave wasn't supposed to work


Oh and I was sure there was a reason why Jenna had to die as a vampire! The brand new supernatural ability jeremy came back with will no doubt allows us to see Jenna again as well as Anna and Vicky, that was smart! I guess (hope) season 3 is going to be wonderful. Now we'll have our vampire team and its love triangle fighting an original vampwolf, a witch and her human who see dead supernatural creatures boyfriend, a werewolf/vampire couple (Beremy and Tyline(?) are sooooo cute),ghosts who probably have some interesting useness, originals who may come back to "life", and an armed human team (Alaric, Matt, Liz)! That HAS TO be awesome! Don't screw it writers - and thank you for the good job you did so far btw!


I think Stefan did what he did for BOTH Damon and Elena. He knows she cares a lot about him and since she lost her entire family (except for jeremy) he chose to leave with Klaus instead of having her losing someone else, even if it means that they will be separated for while. At least, nobody dies, I completely get that. His choice lays on trust and confidence: he knows his brother (and girlfriend) will do anything to save him, he knows Elena loves him and will understand, he knows they are all strong enough to go through that one more ordeal. Isn't that beautiful and romantic?! About Delena, as painful as seeing Damon suffer for loving Elena can be, I think there will be no Delena soon. Have you met the girl? She will never ever betray Stefan in any way, especially when he sacrificed himself for his brother's life. Damon won't allow it either, he could have seduced Elena before but he never did because he respects and admires stelena's relationship whatever he says or does, why would he now? That kiss was a "thank you for loving me so much and sorry I can't love you back even if you deserve it" one. Why wouldn't she forgive him? He's been bitten while he were trying to save her life, he fed her with his blood to keep her from dying completely! And she knows that if he tries so hard to fight his bad self (and that's not so easy when you've been a bad guy for decades), it's because he loves her!!! Plus the guy was on his death bed, he had just confessed his feelings for her, C'mon! it would have been cruel and bitchy not to forgive him!

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