The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Clip: As Damon Lies Dying...

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Like an iPhone with apps, Bonnie seems to be a witch with spells. She can conjure up one for anything, right? Such as saving Elena from transforming into a blood sucker?

But will she be able to save her one-time nemesis, Damon Salvatore? That's the question on the minds of all Vampire Diaries fans heading into Thursday's season finale, aptly titled "As I Lay Dying."

We already know there will be a different kind of cliffhanger to the episode, as teased by Nina Dobrev. But just how serious of a condition will Damon be in?

Check out the clip below for an idea:

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Alrite,i agree wit pple who say damon is rite for elena.stefan is too broody n borin 4 my likin.i just pray dat season 3 they wil kiss,cos dat's wat i ave been waitin for.elena brings out d human in damon n they have great chemistry.wit stefan gone,damon is nw elena sole-protector,either is date & protects her or protect her only.which wil it be?

Forwood 3 3

Tyler wasnt even in the episode :( Was really hoping for some cute Forwood moments ;) lol




i liked the end,where elena kisses damon,but now shes gonna be sad about stefan and want to go save him,and won't care about damon at all


i was kind of disappointed when i watched the episode really the promo was so much better!! i love stefn the good guy!! hate klaus really!! i don t want elena and damon to be together!!


Since Emily is seen in the trailer maybe Bonnie will make a spell so Stefan can get speak to Emily about Damon's bite.


Would be too if elena expecting a child from DAMON,but if you think a vampire is a little difficile.damon can not die,i hope that soon his love elena parts,we are tired of seeing him suffer,TVD in the last episode made me depression,no more tears!!!!!!!!!!


@Pratik:I don't know if Damon will be the father but I'm pretty sure that Elena will get pregnant before the end of the show.I mean she already said that she wanted kids,John's letter mentionned the future child of his daughter;so many is definitely not a coincidence


oooh my poor damon!! at least i know he will survive but i hate seeing him suffering this way...


No Damon must not die.If he dies,the show will be meaningless.

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