The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Clip: As Damon Lies Dying...

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Like an iPhone with apps, Bonnie seems to be a witch with spells. She can conjure up one for anything, right? Such as saving Elena from transforming into a blood sucker?

But will she be able to save her one-time nemesis, Damon Salvatore? That's the question on the minds of all Vampire Diaries fans heading into Thursday's season finale, aptly titled "As I Lay Dying."

We already know there will be a different kind of cliffhanger to the episode, as teased by Nina Dobrev. But just how serious of a condition will Damon be in?

Check out the clip below for an idea:

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damon can't die! but i soo hope the cure is not going to be lame!!! and hopefully in this season. i am going to die when i will have to wait the whole summer how they are going to save him!!


Damon will not die. Bonnie will save him but i have a horrible feeling that by using all her powers on saving him she will bring her own death! That bit in the clip where she's crying 'help me', what else could it mean? I really hope not. I don't want Bonnie to die. Let Jeremy die instead!


Damon won't die. I think that Julie and Kevin are trying to get us to think that it's Damon that dies. But, as we have learned so many times they do love to shock us. I think that it will be Stefan who dies. I do not want either of our favorite guys to die. Love this show!!


noo!!! my poor sweet damon :((


NO!! NO! if damon dies i will stop watching!!
stefan is an idiot!


I think it would be really interesting if Damon turned out to be a human now..but that's impossible. Probably he is going to be half vampire half werewolf...reason being that this season was all about werewolves...and there is so much left for us to discover! Elena will be the only reason he survives :)


There is always a way, maybe Bonnie can help him or anyone, but not Elijah. . . There's no reason for him to be back for now,. .I'm pretty sure whether Damon dies or not will be the cliffhanger for this season, so we can look forward to season 3. . And I'm a hundred percent sure he'll survive. .


if he's gonna die its not going to be in this episode,its gonna be in series 3,i bet he'll just collapse at the end of the finale and nobody will know:'( i hate seeing him in pain ;'( xox


NO!!!!NO!!!! Don't let Damon DIED!!!! for TWICE??????


What if they gave the elixir to Damon (the one Elijah was planning on giving to Elena)? Sure the chances of it working aren't 100%, but still...weirder to think would be if he did take the elixir, died, and then came back as a human...

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