TNT Announces Major Crimes, The Closer Spinoff

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TNT formally announced Wednesday morning its plan to follow The Closer‘s upcoming seventh and final season with a spin-off series titled Major Crimes, TV Line reports.

Touted by the network as “TV’s next great crime drama,” Major Crimes will star Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica), reprising her recurring Closer role of Captain Raydor.

The Closer‘s final cycle will consist of 21 total episodes - 15 airing this year plus six for summer 2012 - and feed directly into the 10-episode first season of Major Crimes.

 Mary McDonnell, The Closer

Like its predecessor, the McDonnell-led spinoff will be set within the Los Angeles Police Department, with The Closer creator James Duff executive producing.

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I am a great fan of the new show Major Crimes. I loved the Closer too. I was so pleased when the network decided to do a spinoff from the Closer. I hope Major Crimes is picked up for many more seasons. Glad to see the cast is back. also I like the story lines. Can't wait for the new season.


I loved The Closer and I love Major Crimes. The writers are incredible! Love the direction in which Captain Rayder is going. Rusty helps soften her and makes her a much more likable character. People think they know about her but I am sure the writers will have a lot more to "say" about who she is and what has happened in her life to take her where she is today. I will watch and look forward to seeing Rusty next season. Good Job!


I wasn't sure about Major Crimes...but, I gave it a try. I agree with "kittycatt" about Captain Raydor not taking chances like Brenda did with her own and everyone else's careers. In the real world, I don't know that Brenda would have gotten away with that...and, often, she came off as conniving. I am an avid fan of Brenda Lee Johnson...but, Major Crimes comes off as a "unit", if you will. They're all working together...and, I like the way Raydor shows respect to all of her only problem with the show...I wish they'd wrap the storyline up a little better than what they do. Other than's a good show. Well done.


I love the new show and so happy most of the cast is back! It's still feels like a family. I always loved everyone in the cast and Sykes is great! It's Rusty and the sweet chemistry between Sharon and him. I hope he stays! I hope they renew it! It's so good and needs to continue!


I love the way they started major crimes...Rusty in the picture is lovely.. Keep the episodes coming with captain raydor and rusty and the whole cast coming...I like the way detective sanchez is stepping up to his role. Thumbs up for this great show


The kid is great


I really liked the Closer,but I love the addition of the kid. He adds another whole addition to the new shows depth .Keepup the good work


Trish is so right, it's that dance between opposites that makes things so interesting. The friction between Brenda and the Commander was fun too. I loved the Closer!! Kyra,cast and Duff were all brilliant. I want Major Crimes to work, BUT, they have to work on the pace. The lighting is too bright, they've undone the suspense, no climax. Det. Sykes is a nice addition, Mary McD will be fine. The chemistry has been altered and the team work is not flowing, there's more dialogue and less drama. I miss guessing along with the action. I understand Rusty and Raydor are replacing Fritz & Brenda. For the record I miss working with the Medical Examiner and Chief Pope.


I love Captain Raydor and what she brings to the squad. She doesn't put everyone's career in jeopardey by doing things her way, whether it's the right way or not. She is much more professional.


Do not like the new girl cop she is such a dork. Will miss The Closer.
Major crimes is ok but what happened to Gabrial you could lose the girl and bring him back.