Who Will Die on Bones This Week?

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Someone will die this week when sniper Jacob Broadsky returns. We don't yet know who, but we do know this week and next are full of big moments on Bones.

Luckily, creator Hart Hanson, executive producer Stephen Nathan and stars Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin dished on them.

All of them gathered at L.A.'s Paley Center for Media Monday to preview "The Hole in the Heart" and more. Here are some excerpts of their Q&A, via TV Line:

On Broadsky's victim: Sounds like it's gonna hurt. “You don’t want to kill someone on the show and have the audience say, ‘Oh, thank God!’” said Nathan.

Added Deschanel: “It’s sad to see both the actor and the character go.”

Booth Interrogates

On the big question: Castle creator Andrew Marlowe recently said it's time Booth and Brennan got together. “I do give [his comments] credence,” said Hanson.

“He runs a really good show. He knows what he’s doing, so I’d be crazy not to go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ … He’s one of those voices you would listen to.”

But, Hanson added, that “doesn’t mean I act upon it.” No, but the Bones season finale spoilers we've read certainly imply something is in the works ...

On the birth of Hodgins and Angela's baby: “I watched some clips on YouTube,” Michaela Conlin said of preparing for the scene. “I was very nervous.”

Probably not as nervous as Hodgins, “the perfect harried father,” according to Nathan.

On the future of The Finder: On reports that The Finder may fill holes in Bones' schedule next season while Deschanel takes maternity leave, Hanson deferred.

“If The Finder doesn’t get picked up to its own series, then it will go into the bin of ideas for what to do with Bones,” he said. “I’d do just about anything to get The Finder picked up. It’d be fun. But they’re separate.”

On exploring Booth's past: A storyline exploring Booth’s childhood became a causality of the writers strike, but the producers hope to revisit it next season.

“We have to decide what [piece] of Booth’s past to bring out,” explained Hanson. “We have a couple choices – [his] mom or dad? Probably not both, but you never know.… I’d be really surprised if we didn’t do that next year.”

On the show's expiration date: There is none! “As long as people keep murdering people,” replied Hanson when asked how long the show can go on.

“As long as these actors are producing what they produce.”

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Well i know 100% that sweets is not killed!

Sue ann

@ Olivia -- Where did you learn that Hart Hanson says that the character who dies has been with the series since the first episode? Only six characters were in the first episode, and remain with the series today, one way or another. Bones, Booth, Angela, Hodgins, Zack (still institutionalized), and Dr. Goodman, who theoretically still remains on sabbatical. Killing Dr. Goodman would be a reach. Who would care? Killing Zack is unreasonable. How did he get out? Killing Booth or Bones would be insane. The show would die with the character. Killing Angela or Hodgins would be needessly cruel, and very detrimental to the chemistry going on in the lab. So, where did you hear that it was to be a character remaining from the pilot episode? I am very curious.


Well as much as \i would like Nigel Murray to go, he will NOT be because hart hanson himself stated that this character has been with the show since the very 1st episode so.... And the biggest reason that I watch and am in complete utter overly obsessive addiction to it is BOOTH AND BONES!!!


maybe the father of brennan..


i'd live without nigel (sp?)...but, really none of the others....i'd LOVE to see booth and bones FINALLY get together. i'm one of those fans, who doesn't mind romances being part her crime shows....just as long as it's believable....i DON'T see TIVA being the belivable....booth and bones RESPECTS each other. alisa


Hart doesn't have to do what Andrew suggests-obviously it's not his show. I think Hart respects Andrew and will take his opinion into consideration and then do what he wants. (Hart's not advising what should be done between the characters on Castle!) Also, Beckett and Castle are no farther along in their "relationship" than Booth and Bones were at the end of season three (of Bones), so Andrew really can't talk! Besides Booth and Bones had so much to work through before they were finally on the same page and no longer denying their feelings. Sometimes relationships take a very long time to come to fruition. Neither one was willing to rush into anything with each other-which makes sense. I'd rather wait for a possible relationship between Booth and Bones that will work out instead of one that would fizzle because it was rushed into. However, I'm not watching Bones just because I want the two lead characters to be in a romance-I love the show on so many more levels. I certainly am looking forward to the final episodes-they sound amazing!


Is it wrong that I would prefer losing Vincent Nigel-Murray over losing Caroline Julian? For the last 2 weeks, I've been dreading that Caroline will be the one to go. I could live with them killing off Mr. Nigel-Murray. And for Heavens' sake, Mr. Hanson, please take Andrew Marlowe's advice! Castle is a great show, and Booth & Brennan need to get going already!


There is only one logical choice for who will die, given the teases that have come out. and personally I love this character, He's been a little annoying as of late but I do not want to see him go. I'm actually dreading this episode now because I'm 99% sure I know who it is.


Think it could be Nigel Murray


don't let Sweets die or anyone on the cast of Bones

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