Why Did The Vampire Diaries Kill Off Jenna?

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Of all the deaths on last week's action-packed episode of The Vampire Diaries - heck, of all the deaths ever on this suspenseful series - the most tragic and personal by far was that of Jenna.

Why did producer Julie Plec and company write out Elena and Jeremy's aunt?

"The loss of life in the sacrifice ritual needed to be as deeply personal as possible in order to show how big of a move it was that Klaus is making and how profound of an impact it would have on not only Elena's life, but on everybody," Plec tells TV Guide, adding that the staff didn't decide to kill off Jenna until recently.

Her Final Moments

With Elena's birth parents and adoptive aunt out of the picture, we've been wondering what will happen to her and Jeremy. But Plec appears to have provided a spoiler by telling the magazine:

"She's going to be in her own way a parent to Jeremy and she's going to be the adult in the family and that's all going to be a part of the road that we're sending her down."

Guess there's no reason why Elena can't soon turn 18, right?

Plec also confirmed other Vampire Diaries spoilers that have hinted that this week's finale will be character-based. She says Caroline and Tyler's relationship will not be mentioned in "As I Lay Dying" and adds:

"The story we wanted to tell in our season finale is actually the emotional resolution of the season. We also want to really give the audience a window to where we're going in Season 3, a taste of what the series is going to be like as we move forward."

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I was rooting for Aunt Jenna as a vampire and thought it would be cool to see the outcomes of her becoming a vampire but they killed her off. I was like "SHIT! Why?!" I mean, can't you pick another vamp? Bloody hell!


Please do Jenna back! Plssss


I loved Jenna and Alaric together!! They both have to come back. The show isn't the same without Jenna and it won't be the same without Alaric. They were 2 of my favourite characters. I miss them soooo much!! If everyone who misses them sends an angry email to the TVD writers maybe they'll let them come back!!!


well i didnt like season 3....there was nothing in it. season 1 and season 2 were the beat..by removing jenna in season 2 and ric in season 3...they really played dangerously..they were th best..if anyone had to b removed thn y didnt they go for jeremy or bonnie or matt..who r cmplt waste of space..the reasons given fr jena n ric's removal r lame as elena was already acting as an eldr..it was jena who was really a kid and added a spark. there are only damon, jena n ric n caroline who made it watchable. and wt abt these originals...i hate thm..they are stuck in here..another waste of space..i am deeply disappointed by season 3


I love aunt jenna! Her character's funny and loving. She breaks the ice in the otherwise dreary and grim mood of mystic falls..it cant be all just bloodsuckers, poor victims and hunters by golly!!!


Pleassssse bring Jenna back - aside from bonnie she is my favourite character i


bring jenna back! :( jenna made the show so much better. alaric needs her,jeremy and elena need her


i swear if they bring back jenna i wil stop watching the show for real i mean come on if they keep everyone around then this show will really suck with all the happy ending big family crap, we really needed this death which was realy touching and which overshadows a dangerous and grim future ahead


Screw being emotional!!! Bring jenna back!!!!


Jenna!!!!!!! :'(!!!

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