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Will A.J. Cook's Role on Criminal Minds Change?

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In a surprising, positive turn of events, A.J. Cook returned in the Criminal Minds season finale last week and it appears that the actress is rejoining the cast for good.

This followed Cook's firing at the end of season five, a two-episode arc that bid her character farewell, a mid-season guest role and major uproar from the show's fans.

Now that she's back, will J.J.'s role with the BAU change at all?

Cook, A.J.

"All I know is, she's still the coordinator," Cook said in a recent interview. "I don't know if [the team] even needs another profiler. I think she likes her role."

That said, JJ's character will offer a new perspective, A.J. says about her alter ego being a full-time profiler. "She's seen things that these guys haven't seen, so she's grown."

"She's tougher, more experienced. I think now she may be able to bring more to her role, but I don't think it'll be out [in the field]. She's still going to be the face of the team."

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I want AJ Cook back full time!!!!!!


So glad JJ is back, I really like her character. I never warmed up to Seaver.


That kinda of sexist don't you think


I was never a fan of hers, or of Paget Brewster's, so I don't care either way whether they come back or not. I would like to see the end of the cheaper blonde lookalike, the one with the outre story line of being the child of a serial killer, and having that qualify her to be in the BAU. The ridiculousness of having the new character look so much like JJ has just made me lose my ability to believe in the show ever since they introduced her. It was like having an airplane sitting in the middle of the Tudors. What here does not belong? But if getting her back means the end of the cheaper lookalike actress's role, I am all for it.


Maybe she taken Strass Job