90210 Casting Cut: Trevor Donovan Out as Series Regular

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90210 has made its first casting cut.

Last month, AnnaLynne McCord said stars had been informed that the show would be making changes. TV Line now reports a major one: Trevor Donovan is out as a series regular.

Totally Out

Donovan's Teddy was a major focus of season three, as he came out of the closet and won Prom King. Viewers haven't seen the last of him, at least, as insiders say the character will appear on approximately five episodes.

Said Donovan in a statement:

“I look back on getting this real-life story line as a blessing. To be able to simultaneously take on a challenging role and bring awareness to a relevant social issue was a win-win for me. I’m looking forward to what opportunities and adventures lie ahead.”

What do you think of this casting move? Weigh in now!

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goood, get rid of the gay.


As much as I liked Teddy, I'm kinda glad it was his character who was cut. I think the actor did a good job and I'll miss him, but his character had a good run.
Aside from that, I was actually just thinking about cuts from the cast just moments ago and here it is. I hope he's the only one they're cutting. If they cut anyone else, I hope it's Ivy or Adrianna. Preferably Ivy. I don't think they'll cut anymore males as they only have 2 left.
However, I'm surprised they did it anyway. Aren't they under contract? They surely just can't fire someone because they feel like making unnecessary cuts.


But but he's my favorite! :O


Im ready to say good bye to 90210, he was my fav. guy and Nia is my fav. girl. if Annalynne leaves or get cut, im done with 90210, the only good people on the show other then Teddy and Nia is Ivy and Sliver and Im pretty sure Ivy will get cut next and Sliver will become boring, I think they should have let go of Ade and dixon and kept the main cast as Nia, Teddy, Annie, Liam, Ivy, Navid, and Sliver.


Lol! good riddance...he looked too old anyway.


Get ready to say goodbye to a LOT of viewers 90210.


This blows my mind that he is gone.. 5 episodes isnt enough. He was a hero for gay people thisa is sad new to see that they got rid of a very important milestone in 90210... now its the typical straight people with an AWFUL new writer?


I'm not surprised. But I think Teddy is more popular than Dixon.


so stupid teddy was my second fav on the show these new ppl are going to ruin the show teddy was a good role mode to gay teen like me showing u can like sports and be gay to it dosnt define u why why why did they do this

Gaby ee

I really thought he was going to make the cut... Teddy was a really important part of last season.

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.