90210 Season 4 Scoop: Casting for Siblings, New Love Interests

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Trevor Donovan is out as a series regular on 90210.

While fans are still mourning this loss, The CW has unveiled plans to introduce a slew of new characters on season four, most of whom will interact with favorites such as Naomi and Dixon in college. 

Got any casting suggestions for the following roles?

Off to College!

Austin: The charming, handsome son of a country music star. Rich, but not obnoxious.

Holly: A sorority-obsessed rival for Naomi at California University.

Jasmeen: Navid’s 18-year-old sister. A troublemaker.

Gabe: Friendly and outgoing. An upperclassman who Gabe has an instant connection with Annie. But might he possess an ulterior motive?

Jane: A very young widow and a mysterious new love interest for Liam.

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I REALLY WANT TO BE CAST IN 90210 ! and also, such a coinsodence- my durname is also donovan- so its like- one donovan leaves, another one enters! People would think we are brother and sister ( although i look like annie)


I love naomi and austin i dont want them to breakup


I'm curious about Naomi and Max. They're so cute together. Can't wait for season 4! Can't wait!
Jasmeen should totally fall for Dixon!


If they dont leave Lannie alone, i seriously would hate this show... They only reason that im interested in this show is because of those two...


More guest stars, great...


AUSTIN - Jean Luc Bilodeau
HOLLY - Daveigh Chase
GABE - Jeremy Sumpter
JANE - Emma Caulfield, Amanda Righetti, Laura Vandervoort


maybe liam and annie break up,I think jane is Liam's past love because she's compared to ingrid bergman in casablanca and this character in casablanca has back her past love.


You Lannie fans are worrying too much. Do you really think that Gabe and Jane are going to put a big dent in their relationship? Do you really think that either of these new characters will still be around after Christmas? On these forums, I've heard several Lannie fans say that they're being "screwed over". Unlike us current and former NavAde fans, you guys will never know the true definition of that phrase. You Lannie fans should be happy that their main obstacle are just two sleazy people who won't be sticking around.


Actually, I dont care about all those newbies. I JUST WANT TO KNOW ABOUT NAOMI & MAX!


I think you all are making to much trouble about Lannie!
They are getting to know new people and movin' forward! Annie goes to collegue and of course she will like some boy but she hasn't to cheat on Liam! And a Milf for Liam! Come on people some Moms want to do this boy wouldn't you? They're going to be tempted but they don't have to cheat! And for them being 24/7 smile and happy won't make the show interesting!

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We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]