90210 Season Four Spoilers: An Arrest and a Contest

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90210 will be without a couple of regulars on season four. But fans hope the frustrating series won't be without major drama and suspense.

Along those lines, TV Guide has teased a trio of spoilers for new episodes ahead, which kick off September 13. Look for the following developments to take place:

  1. Naomi gets arrested.
  2. Dixon moves into the girls dormitory.
  3. Marla's family contests the will.

Yes, folks, a storyline for Dixon! Which of these arcs look most appealing?

Cheers to Christmas

We'll toast to more 90210 action for this character.


Naomi gets arrested - This one has me curious as to why because there was no hint in the season three finale to why Naomi may be arrested. Dixon moves into the girls dormitory - This just makes me confused as I don't understand how a boy is in a girls dormitory. Marla's family contests the will - I like it as it gives us something to focus on about Annie other than her relationship with Liam and it'll revolve around both her AND Dixon. I am assuming they'll (the family) win and Annie and Dixon will need to go to school in L.A.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.