90210 Season Three Report Card: C

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We've been kind to The CW through our first pair of 2010-2011 season report cards. Just look at the grades we gave to The Vampire Diaries and Nikita.

But, be warned, that's about to change. In the following assessment of 90210's third season, we breakdown what this series did right and, mostly, wrong...

West Bev Graduation

Best character: Naomi. She's clearly the most entertaining, even if AnnaLynne McCord can't really act and even if the character is a bit inconsistent. It's still fun to watch her antics and her relationship with Max was done well.

Worst character: Adrianna. Not just because she was made into a villain, but because she was made into a caricature. Fame can definitely change someone, there was potential for a realistic transformation here. But the show bungled the storyline and made Adrianna into a cartoon. There's no way she can be redeemed, is there?

Best episode: "
The Prom Before the Storm." A solid showcase for the two season characters that have come the farthest, Teddy and Naomi. A funny showing by crazy party-planner, Harper, added humor to the mix, while Ivy and Ray really upped the emotional ante in their relationship.

Best storyline: Teddy coming out. It was ruined by producer way ahead of time, and played out in a predictable manner, but kudos to the show for going there at least.

Actress most in need of a cheeseburger: Shenae Grimes.

Hopes for 2011-2012: I'm actually on board with the rumored cast shake-up. With so many characters to serve, 90210 goes far too long without giving some of them anything to do. I'm specifically thinking of Dixon, who might as well have not shown up this season. This show can't compete with Gossip Girl for snark or crazy storylines, so I'd prefer if it stopped trying and focused more on a smaller number of individuals.

Overall grade: C. 90210 doesn't offer anything especially fresh - a second main character is pregnant? Really?!? - and, we're sorry, but the acting is terrible. A change of scenery, to college, might help things a bit. But it's unclear where the show fits on The CW; unlike Nikita, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, it doesn't offer any real suspense. And unlike Gossip Girl, it just isn't very witty. I'll be shocked if it earns a fifth season.

Agree? Disagree? Sound off now with your own grade for the third season of 9021o!

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If GG's so good, then why do all of its actors frequently complain about their characters and the show in general. And how can anyone say that the characters on GG are complex and well-developed? In the pilot, Chuck tried to rape Jenny. Near the end of season 4, he threw himself at Blair. Is that what you call character development?


I don't understand how you can say that 90210 is better than Gossip Girl. The stories on 90210 are inconsistent and the acting is awful. At least on Gossip Girl you have the undeniable talent of Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley. While some of the actors on the show may have some talent, the writers do not give them the opportunity for them to show it, but Josh Schwartz and his team give Blair and Chuck incredibly emotional scenes to show off their talent. 90210 and Gossip Girl are incomparable.


I don't think that the acting on 90210 is that bad. Shenae and AnnaLynne may suck, but the two Jessicas are good. As for the guys, I think that both Michael Steger and Tristan Wilds are good. And as much as I complain about 90210, I still think it's much better than Gossip Girl. Since the beginning of season 2, GG has been Chuck/Blair plus filler. And even they're not as good as they used to be.


Best character is Naomi. Although Teddy's storyline was a good one, I still prefer Naomi cause she's one of the original cast. She has always a the funny lines and the most entertaining storylines. And to be honest, she really can't act but that's ok because in real life teenagers don't act like the people in Gossip Girl by looking all fashionable and have all that complex personalities. Teenagers are dumb and make none-realistic decision and are superficial. All in one teenagers behave like bad actors. So why even bother casting a talented actor that acts like a bad actor ? Just hire some good looking people and let them say some lines. That's the best solution. 90210 have bad actors that portrays the real life version of bad actors, teenagers. They are bad actors but who cares ?


OMG, Ok 90210 is not the show of the year, but i like it. Maybe the cast isn't talentuous as the GG's cast (but they're not great too). GG become so ridiculous since the season 3. Stupids storylines, that's just great to see the clothes and 'cause the actors are hot. In 90210 that's more funny, more simple. My favorite : Adrianna, she always has bad things. And when everything ok, she make bad things. So funny. We nerver bored with Ade. Worst : Navid and Dixon are so boring. What about Shirazi 2.0 ? 90210 desearve at least a B


This just proves how much TV Fanatic hates Shenae Grimes and Annalyn McCord. To think those girls didn't do anything wrong than just performed what they were supposed to do for the show. To think they almost didn't make it home alive when they were also caught amidst the panic and the crisis happening in Japan because of that large-scale earthquake there. And shame on TV Fanatic for not even reporting that incident when two castmembers from one of the shows they're covering were there.


some fanatics really pissed when a few guest stars got more screentime than the regulars. But for me, i rather watch the guest stars instead of those boring-as-hell regulars. :/


My grade would be a B- because of the inconsistency and rushing. Best character: Teddy. Though after he came out he disappeared and his boy friend problems were stupid I think he was the best this year. Adrianna is by far my favorite character, but I wish they didn't make her so evil this year, though she does it so well. Worst character: Even though Dixon didn't do anything this season Navid was the worst. They totally ruined his whole nice guy act and made him a bad guy. I can't stand him anymore. Best storyline: Teddy's coming out story. By far. Best episode: Off the top of my head idk but the beginning of the season was wayyy better than the last half. I loved the episode Teddy actually came out and the part when Jenn dropped her baby (Idk the ep) was heartbreaking. My hopes: With the new writers I think it'll be easier to keep all 9 characters. They better and if they don't please cut Liam, Dixon, and Navid. I love all the girls and Teddy. Liam has no personality, Dixon doesn't do anything and Navid has changed into a douche. If any girl goes I say Annie. Everyone hates her and while i like her she is my least favorite of the 5 girls. I want Teddy to come out to his family. Adrianna to get her kid back. Silver to stop being a ho and just be single carefree and crazy like beginning of season one. Naomi loose her kid and go through a depression with Ivy who will lose her husband. I don't know what the rest could do so if anyone goes let it be those 4 please.


i think you meant RAJ not ray hahhaha and i think gossip girl was way better at its firts season than it is now, you worship it way too much ( in my oppinion.)


90210 is my favourite program ever! the story lines are becoming slightly repetitive with Naomi being pregnant but my theory is that maybe she's not really pregnant! she said she needed to find some way to make max stay! Maybe this was a reason she came up with? Hope season 4 is amazing, i just can't wait. And i hope the seasons keep on coming into the future.

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