90210 Season Three Report Card: C

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We've been kind to The CW through our first pair of 2010-2011 season report cards. Just look at the grades we gave to The Vampire Diaries and Nikita.

But, be warned, that's about to change. In the following assessment of 90210's third season, we breakdown what this series did right and, mostly, wrong...

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Best character: Naomi. She's clearly the most entertaining, even if AnnaLynne McCord can't really act and even if the character is a bit inconsistent. It's still fun to watch her antics and her relationship with Max was done well.

Worst character: Adrianna. Not just because she was made into a villain, but because she was made into a caricature. Fame can definitely change someone, there was potential for a realistic transformation here. But the show bungled the storyline and made Adrianna into a cartoon. There's no way she can be redeemed, is there?

Best episode: "
The Prom Before the Storm." A solid showcase for the two season characters that have come the farthest, Teddy and Naomi. A funny showing by crazy party-planner, Harper, added humor to the mix, while Ivy and Ray really upped the emotional ante in their relationship.

Best storyline: Teddy coming out. It was ruined by producer way ahead of time, and played out in a predictable manner, but kudos to the show for going there at least.

Actress most in need of a cheeseburger: Shenae Grimes.

Hopes for 2011-2012: I'm actually on board with the rumored cast shake-up. With so many characters to serve, 90210 goes far too long without giving some of them anything to do. I'm specifically thinking of Dixon, who might as well have not shown up this season. This show can't compete with Gossip Girl for snark or crazy storylines, so I'd prefer if it stopped trying and focused more on a smaller number of individuals.

Overall grade: C. 90210 doesn't offer anything especially fresh - a second main character is pregnant? Really?!? - and, we're sorry, but the acting is terrible. A change of scenery, to college, might help things a bit. But it's unclear where the show fits on The CW; unlike Nikita, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, it doesn't offer any real suspense. And unlike Gossip Girl, it just isn't very witty. I'll be shocked if it earns a fifth season.

Agree? Disagree? Sound off now with your own grade for the third season of 9021o!

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C is the usual grade for things that are mediocrity. I totally agree with the reviewer about this. 90210 didn't come up with one incredible storyline that knock somebody's sock off this season. The most groundbreaking thing they came up this year was the Teddy gay storyline but that chance was given away by announcing it months before it actually happened. I would have sit and watch if he was really going to be gay or if it was just a phase. That would be better watching than me already knowing that he'll be gay. What also upsets me was the Naomi rape storyline. It was an insulting way how they portrayed such a serious issue. AnnaLynne McCord's skills are way to unskilled to play a rape victim. The way this story ended was horrible. I mean Mr.Cannon kidnapping Silver & Naomi in order to get money and then he got beaten by a hysterical Naomi. And no after match after that. Her rapist is arrested and that's it for her. No emotional scar or experience that made her mature and become a more sensitive person. Instead she's still her selfish and shallow bitch attitude she was before the rape ? Very disappointing.


I lost respect for this show the day they booted Jennie Garth form the show... She was the only character that made sense and acted her scenes brilliantly... TVF goes on about AnnaLyne McCord's acting, which is bad. But the fact is, that most of the characters are bad at acting... The people behind the scenes are to blame for this as they clearly chose on looks alone. Anna needs to get some work done and she will be better, but the producers won't invest time in that. They just give the actors these ridiculous stories and expect them to act it out with a glance back at how it is being done. I really think The CW should scrap it after season 4 and redo it but use the same people that did the original. The CW needs to freakin wake up and do things right if they want their shows to be taken seriously. Seriously.


I like the show but what really pisses me off is the fact that they do cliched stories and try to do too much. And I actually think the best episodes were the season premiere and the Enchanted Donkey. After the Enchanted Donkey they tried too hard to do too much in the space of 4 episodes. I liked Teddy's storyline the best and thought it was handled well but they gave the game away too soon - it would have had more impact if they hadn't announced that he was going to be gay. They also don't finish off storylines properly - What happened to Adrianna's reality show? I also don't think the acting is particularly terrible - Jessica Stroup has real talent- and Dixon was definitely underused this season. Overall I would say B-


Best character: Naomi. It's obvious because she carries she show with her storylines. AnnaLynne McCord can't really act but the others are even worse. I was glad that her rape storyline was over because it was horribly done and 90210 is not a show that can handle such a serious issue. Overall I liked her with Max and will see what's about her baby storyline. Worst character: Somewhere between Dixon and Annie. They served their purpose in season 1 when they were the new ones in BH and quite the outsider status. But where was Dixon this year ? I guess not in 90210. Annie because Shenae Grimes' portrayal is just beneath contempt. Also her storylines were so uninteresting. Selling her ovocytes, making out with Charlie, Annie & Liam with absolutely no chemistry and the cousin Emily thing lasted a few episodes. Best episode : ''The prom before the storm'' Well it's a BH 90210 tradition that prom episodes are the best. Best storyline. Adrianna scheming on silver. Although not as good as Gossip Girl scheming it was quite solid for 90210. And if we consider Annie's & Liam's scheme to expose cousin Emily this was brilliant. Jessica Lowndes' performance was brilliant. She's always the one with the hardcore storylines but she never disappoints me with her acting. Actress most in need of a cheeseburger: Every female actress on this show. They're way too skinny. And it's not good having skinny models for a show where so many teenagers are watching. They could take it the wrong way. Hopes for 2011/12: Better written storylines which are handle more realistic. Better acting from everyone. (Not quite realistic) The break-up of Annie & Liam and Silver & Navid. Re-establish my OTP Adrianna & Navid. And less screen-time for Shenae Grimes aka Annie.And at least some character development. Teddy was the only one who changed drastically. Even Naomi acted the same after her rape incident. Overall grade: C- They were good in the comedy section but that's only because they acted so bad that it was already funny. The ideas were good just like the Naomi rape, Teddy gay and Adrianna overwhelmed by fame arc but it was handled wrong because 1. the bad acting 2. the bad story writing 3. the unrealistic way of the characters dealing with it. Also this show doesn't offer anything new. All this things has already been done in the original series. And compared to Gossip Girl this show is pathetic. Unlike GG this show lacks with characters that are complex, intriguing, deep and fun to watch. I mean I switch the scenes with Navid, Silver, Dixon, Annie, Ivy and that's already half of the cast. And why because they are just boring. Also this show never made me addicted like GG although even GG was bad written this season. Well I guess one season more and then that's it for them if they don't improve with like 200 %.


best episode: "The Enchanted Donkey". Lannie were the best part of it (actually best part of the show). Everyone goty their screen moment. And storylines were entertaining. best character: Definitely Annie . It's a shame this show is all about and around Naomi. Actress most in need of a cheeseburger: Annalynne McCord. Isn't it even obvious ? Shenae isn't skinny now at all , she has good body. Hopes for 2011-2012: More Lannie is a MUST. I want to see smart drama , not some lame hooking up everyone with anyone. More grown up storylines. Maybe some family issues. Couple becoming more stable.
I want MORE LIAM!!! Give guy a storyline!


best character: Adrianna (3x17-3x22). I loved to hate her from 3x17-3x21, and I just plain loved her in 3x22. After being stuck playing a "cartoon-like diva" (Matt Richenthal) for most of the season, Lowndes was finally given a chance to shine in these last few episodes. She did an excellent job at playing both a manipulative psychopath a suicidal teenager. worst character: Navid. I know he's just a fictional character, but I used to look up to him. He was an excellent role model for young men like me. Now, he lies, cheats, sneaks around, and is an all around hypocrite. I can't even look at him anymore. best episode: "The Enchanted Donkey". Watching Silver and Adrianna sabotage each other was entertaining. Watching Naomi and Max in the bedroom was entertaining. I loved Ivy's scenes with both Dixon and Raj. And for once, I actually thought Lannie was kind of cute. best storyline: Naomi's rape, I suppose. But even it could've been better. It was weird how it was prominent for the first few episodes of the season, then basically got cut off until the end of "Holiday Madness". Also, I had mixed thoughts for AnnaLynne's performance through it all. In need of a cheeseburger: AnnaLynne McCord. She looks as though she has an eating disorder. Why do so many of you shun Shenae for her weight and yet so few of you shun AnnaLynne for hers? Hopes for 2011-2012: Navid and Silver break up early on. Some form of conflict between Navid and Dixon. Naomi has a miscarriage, and becomes a much darker person as a result. More than anything, however, I want to see a storyline involving Adrianna's father. Overall grade: D+. The first few episodes were great, as were the last few. Unfortunately, I can't forgive and forget all of those awful episodes in between. And I really hate how my OTP (NavAde) now seems to be damaged beyond repair. Lastly, the writers clearly write as they go, and have nothing planned out.


Uhhhhh, C really! I would give them at least an B minus cause they improved from season 2 and 1! The biggest problem of this show is that they are rushing through the show! Not a single storyline is done well! And this whole we are BFF's and they don't even get mad at each other come on! Annie sleeps with Liam and his brother is cool with it! The Emily and Teddy stories where rushed through without any consequences !
And Adrianna wasn't the worst character it was Dixon! Adrianna story was poorly done but she played the part of the self-absorbing, spoild and evil bitch really good! In comparison to VD and Nikita it is a slow show, but GG and Hellcats were done just as bad as 90210 and the raitings show that 90210 was the better show this year!
In 2011/2012 i wish a serial killer who will kill Dixon, navid, Adriana! And some new interesting stories and bring Emily back and Ethan!


i have liked Gossip Girl better than 90210, but this time i think 90210 was better in storylines. As far as acting, i have no comments for 90210. The regular cast of GG is simply awesome, especially Leighton Meester! Anyways, i agree with pw and aria that a C is a bit harsh considering that almost every episode of this season got great marks from the critics. I think it deserves at least a B-. To me, if the acting in the show was better, the story lines could of been more believable, and therefore earn a higher grade.
Also, I dont think Adrianna was the worst character and I dont think there really was a "best character".. Everyone was okay - not bad not great. I honestly hope that 90210 does great in season four considering that it has new fresh start with college because I definitely want a season 5! :D




Please C is still a nice rating for this show considering the bad acting in this show by almost every character. The handling of Naomi's rape was an insult to real victims. She was raped got a bit crazy and drunken and few episodes later everything is okay and shiny world. Totally handed the wrong way. So was the Teddy gay plot. I don't even start about the uselessness of Shenae Grimes' character. Also it's not true GG is less viewed then 90210. While more people watch 90210 on tv. Only a few of GG viewers watch directly in tv but more through internet. GG is always first ranked by iTunes after an episodes release also on sides like tvDuck it's always in top 3 while 90210 is somewhere from 40st place. Also don't place GG on the same level with 90210. While GG has intriguing character with developments and OMG to WTF storylines. 90210 is still stuck where they were from the beginning. Naomi was the bitch from season 1 until now, neither there's any change in her even after the rape. Dixon, Navid, Silver are also the same. The only one who developed was Teddy. And also @ Aria better ratings has nothing to do with a show's quality. Reality tv and talk shows also have high ratings but they're still stupid and making stupid.

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