Blake Lively Caught Up in Naked Photo Scandal?!

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A scandalous set of photos purported to be Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively surfaced late yesterday. Yes, we're serious, although her rep denies it's her.

The pictures "are 100 percent FAKE," the rep claims, noting that "Blake has never taken nude photos of herself" and may pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and those that have done so subsequently.

On the one hand ...

  • We'd be very surprised if Blake were caught up in this. She's a smart girl, seemingly grounded, self-aware and wary of being caught up in scandals.
  • Only one of the five photos shows her face.

On the other hand ...

  • It does look like her face in that one photo.
  • The photos all appear to be the same girl.
  • Stranger things have happened.

If you want to see, THG has the (censored) Blake Lively photos ...

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i hate it when people talk about blake dis way, let her be guys_ enough is enough. she is one of de best actress in de whole world, she does'nt deserve dis. its all lies.


Hey she just wanted publicity, nobody would have noticed if her "publicist" had not gone on air and shouted out hey they are fake pictures.. And people say-"hey what pictures" and they all go online 75% even to see Blake Lively for the First Time. What a monotonous yet effective way of publicity, that's what I think.

I am xoxo

i just realize how ugly blake is without makeup.


Ppl need to stop judging, saying stupid nonsense & just move on. If it's her, than she's learned her lesson and doesn't need a bunch of strangers judging her. If it's not, then she's going through something she doesn't deserve. Blake and Leighton both seem like wonderful people and talented actresses. We should give them their privacy!


This is really sad. Another girl corrupted and ruined by fame


Certainly looks like her. Plus everyone that keeps mentioning it's a mole are wrong. If you look carefully enough you'll see she is wearing a necklace and that the 'mole' is part of it.


Another 17 photos have been released. It is 100% Blake Lively. These photos contain images of her face, and images showing tattoos, the same tattoo she had for her role in The Town. These pictures were taken from her trailer whilst she was filming The Town.


We all watch Gossip Girl and I'm sure we've all noticed Blake Lively's cleavage, which is clearly more well-endowed than this photo...and there is not random brown spot in the middle of her chest.


In Asia, this news is lightly handled and rather be the introduction to Blake being the new girlfriend of Leonardo D. So no matter this gossip is true or not, just give congratulations to Blake first (oh, is this the reason why she broke up with Penn? I don't follow...)


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