Bones Season Seven Premiere to Be Titled ...

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“The Memories in the Shallow Grave.”

That's the title of Bones' seventh season premiere. September can't come fast enough for fans reeling from the sixth season finale shocker and wondering where Booth and Brennan go from there. So where will they pick up, timeline-wise?

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According to Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan, “In the first episode, we'll pick up with Brennan moving into the third trimester of her pregnancy,” conveniently dovetailing with Emily Deschanel's real-life baby-creating schedule.

“Brennan is still the same strong character we love and shows no sign of slowing down," he tells TV Line. "She attacks each case as she always has, although she must now deal with the many realities of being pregnant.”

What do you think that entails specifically - and what, if anything, do you make of the episode's title? Leave a comment and discuss all things Bones below.

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This season is exciting! But sad we were left "I'm preagnant" and start up 3rd trimester! I would of loved to the witty bantering they all get into.My fav


@S.Lang That's a really awful thing to say to someone, regardless of whether it's online-- it's about a television show, for crying out loud. Next time, just keep your mouth shut instead of wishing such horrible things upon people, even if you're joking.


The season premier is not actually until Nov 3rd at 9 pm due to the world series


September 21st is the season premiere of Bones


I cant wait till the 7th season. I don't know if I can wait till November that's like 3 and 1/2 months away that's a long time. Jennifer Gibbs I agree with you about Castle at least we have something till then.I literally have something to watch everyday of the week. I hope B&B will be a real couple but I'm sure they will still have their differences. Can't wait.!!


It 's a girl!


I dearly love "Bones" and looking foreward to season 7, just wish it aired sooner than November. One of my very favorite charactors is "Sweets". I hope he will continue to stay on and not get written out, he is a great asset to the show.


I read online that this episode will bring memories of the past to Booth and Brennan. Besides of Booth wearing boxers in his kitchne...


You people that are hating on the current/future story line should just go die in a hole somewhere. A show needs to be entertaining but it also cant keep doing the same thing over and over. There needs to be a progression in the characters lives otherwise the characters themselves get stale. Season 6 was the baby making season, where the characters begin to create a family atmosphere. Does this mean that the plots for each episode are going to be more family oriented to gain an additional audience? Not at all. What the writers are wanting to do is evolve the characters. Bones was getting too... stuck up. Booth was getting to... full of himself. Now that they have a baby, it gives Booth and Bones a chance to change themselves. Also, i'd like to point out that the reason- which is obvious- for them to write in that Brennan is pregnant is because the actor playing her is pregnant. This gives them a chance to create an arc that really allows for Brennan's evolution as a character.


I don't know if I can handle waiting until November for the premier, but at least I'll have Castle in September to help tide me over! I understand why they are picking up the story so late in the pregnancy, but I hope they'll find a way to flash back to Booth/Brennan in the early part of the pregnancy, telling their friends and Brennan's dad about the baby, and everyone's reactions. Booth & Brennan are so cute together, and their baby will be too adorable for words! I hope it's a girl! :)

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