Burn Notice Season 5 to Feature a Formidable Foe

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Some sort of murder twist will be featured on the fourth episode of Burn Notice this summer. And the ramifications will be felt all season long, Jeffrey Donovan says.

“There is a big baddie coming, and it has to do with the murder. And the murder involves Michael very, very specifically,” Donovan tells EW. “The bad guy who did that... is going to become a huge, formidable foe, but that’s going to be really in the second half of the season."

Michael and Sam Scene

What else can fans expect from season four, which premieres on June 23? Grant Show will portray Michael's new CIA partner, while viewers will "see Michael and Fi come together like they never have before."

"If the fans have always wanted to know about Michael’s past before he joined the CIA, they’re going to find out a lot about that,” Donovan teased.

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Burn Notice Quotes

Michael: When I caught Simon he laughed. He said it was just a matter of time until I was just like him.
Madeline [comforting Michael]: He's wrong honey, that isn't the son I raised.

You know what your problem is Brennan, other than this knife in your chest? You spend so much time thinking 10 moves ahead; you don't see the move right in front of you.


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