Combat Hospital Review: "Enemy Within"

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Combat hospital returned for its second episode this week, as the doctors fought the "Enemy Within." As much as I wanted to get excited about this show, I'm disappointed to find it rather ordinary.

It's not terrible. In fact, the cast is quite likable. I think I could watch Elias Koteas (Col. Marks) read the phone book and be interested. And Luke Mably's accent alone should be enough to keep me entertained.

War Zone Doc

What I'm looking for from Combat Hospital is drama, though, and I simply don't feel it. It's set in a war zone. I want to feel that intensity, but just isn't there.

Take the women's clinic story. It's a fantastic concept and should be dramatic and insightful. Instead, we got Rebecca playing hero by sneaking the young lady onto the military base dressed as a soldier. There were no real consequence to her actions. Yes, Marks gave her a minor dressing down, but when the woman's father shows up, he thanks Rebecca?

Come on. This could be a serious story about the risks of treating local female patients in this type of culture. For all the good a women's clinic can do, it can also put the patients and doctors in jeopardy. That's a great concept - but instead we're given a side plot where Rebecca skirts trouble and both she and her patient find a happy ending.

Given the subject matter, this show can do better.

As much as I like Mably, Simon doesn't seem to have many redeeming qualities. He comes off as nothing more than the stereotypical, selfish, arrogant neurosurgeon. What bugs me most about him dumping Beverly is that I just don't care. We don't know Beverly and Simon comes across as an ass.

Joe, the new special ops guy, is cute. He and Rebecca certainly have some chemistry and I hope to see more of it.

Unfortunately, the quarantine story fell flat for me. Again, a good concept was wrapped up too quickly. However, I do like how seriously they took the cleaning. It may seem mundane but in real life is just as important as finding the proper treatment for the infection.

Again, I left Combat Hospital wishing it were more than it is. The cast, setting, and general stories are in place to make a great show, yet it can't seem to hit the mark. I'll keep my fingers crossed that maybe with time it will grow to be something more.


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    This is a terrible show. Our Marines, soldiers, and airmen are risking their lives in theater and this show trivializes all that with scenes about kabob contests and sex in the back of HMMWV's. Idiots.


    The show is crap. Just like Army Wives. Clueless crap written by people who are Military and war ignorant. Just plan trash and crap. Tried to watch. Bad acting. Completely clueless Hollywood crap.


    I think it was more about the women's clinic story being more fluff than substance. Instead of having Rebecca sneak around and have her patient play dress up, this could be a serious story. Instead of dealing with any issues they put a smiley face on it and moved on.


    @Anastasia I am not talking about medical level, what I am saying is the reviewer thinks that people in Afghanistan won't be grateful for people saved his daughter. It was like thinks all Africans are robbers and the Asians are thieves. @KarenY
    Well maybe she is afraid of the Americans, it is not like the army never killed the civilian before, why don't they develop that kind of story?


    "but when the woman's father shows up he thanks Rebecca?" It didn't make sense that she'd be so terrified and then her father was so loving. Where did the fear come from then. It's like they wanted to stick a happy little bow on the story and say, "see, parents love their children everywhere." I'm sure they do but if there weren't issues, why did she have to sneak off to the clinic?


    OK so you need to chill, God! they didn't mean anything like that. or are you seriously going to argue that the level of medicine in Afghanistan is up to par and his daughter didn't need the help. I've been to Afghanistan, and civilization or not, they treat women like crap for the most part. they do have exceptions but i couldn't escape the feeling that they were used as poster children, saying "see, women have rights in our country too."
    the truth is: medical help for women sucks in there, and the doctor did risk a lot by doing what she did. the part that i don't believe in is that the father thanked the doctor. the level of fear that the girl felt could have only came from within the family. she wouldn't be soooo spooked if her father was in on this or supported her in her seeking medical help. in general i agree that the show is missing the "drama" in the "medical drama". but i'll stick around too just to see where it leads. sorry if i offended anybody, but that's just my opinion derived from my own experiences. peace!


    but when the woman's father shows up he thanks Rebecca? I find this is arrogant even a little bit racism. Why this couldn't be real because it is in Afghanistan, not in America? In fact I find many US series has twisted the foreign cultures, like China, India, and Africa. All people around the world is same and equal, do not act like you are the only one civilization.