Coming to 90210: Navid's Evil Uncle!

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Forget the Fockers. On season four of 90210, viewers will meet the Shirazis.

As previously reported, the show is casting for Jasmeen, Navid's 18-year old sister who is described as a "troublemaker."

Now, we can also confirm (via E! News) that Navid's uncle, Amal, will also recur on the 2011-2012 season.

Liam and Navid

The character will be Navid's father's former business partner, someone who "is ruthless," according to network notes, and "will do whatever it takes to make more money. Money is his priority, first and foremost. He isn't someone you want to mess with."

When might you mean him? 90210 premieres season four on Tuesday, September 13.

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The more people compare the new 90210's storylines to shows like Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill the more I'm convinced they aren't that familiar with the original 90210 because a lot of new 90210's storylines are obviously ideas from the original show. They are just done slightly different. The Sharazzi studios thing is obviously like David & Donna's video producing & on air business or like Dylan & Steve with the peach Pitt after dark deal. The only storyline I'm really concerned about the new show doing different or should I say correcting is making sure this 90210's Brenda & Dylan end up together... Annie & Liam!


I already don't like this storyline...


Can't Navid just be written off? I can't even look at him anymore, and I have no doubt that the writers' attempt to turn him into Chuck Bass is going to fail miserably.


lol all i can think of is Jack Bass !!


They may have cut Teddy but I'm liking these storylines the new characters a storyline for Dixon this storyline sounds interesting but what happens with nay and the baby can't wait Sept 13 and what are gonna do with silver maybe she interacts with navid sister I like the new writers


WOW this really does seem like a Gossip Girl storyline o.O


Isn't Navid 18? Why would his sister be 18 too?


lol i was thinking of jack Bass when i read this!!!


@Mark DeFields i agree. Navid was a dick this season for not breaking up with adrianna before he started to get lucky with Silver and not to mention he was a pretty boring character this season... well almost every season besides the firt when he and adrianna first got together.

Gaby ee

Mmmm I just hope that they don't try to copy Jack Bass from GG with this new character.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.