Danny Pino and Kelly Giddish Cast on Law & Order: SVU

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Two new detectives will sign in to Law & Order: SVU next season.

Following the departure of Christopher Meloni, and the impending exit of Mariska Hargitay - she'll appear in around 13 episodes next year - NBC has cast two new stars in the long-running franchise:

Danny Pino (Cold Case) and Kelli Giddish (Chase, most recently The Good Wife).

Danny Pino Pic
Kelli Giddish Picture

Both have experience as fictional law enforcement officers, as Giddish inherits the role once rumored to be going to Jennifer Love Hewitt. She'll debut midseason.

“I’m very pleased that we have two amazing actors joining the cast,” said producer Dick Wolf. “I know this combination will give us the opportunity to explore the world of SVU with new eyes.”

Are you on board with these casting choices, TV Fanatics?

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It floors me how producers change things up. When a show is a huge success, why change? Man, I don't know about this. Elliot and Olivia should be together. Bad mistake NBC!!!! I'm a re-run gal for sure...........


I love Danny Pino! I kind of wish they got back Kathryn Morris too! Awesome chemistry both the actors have.
Not a huge fan of Giddish but hey better than Hewitt xP


@Michael, Why so angry with Mariska? She's beautiful, talented, charismatic. This Kelly, I have nothing against, not replace Mariska advantageously ever. Never the same. Mariska is a goddess.
I'll keep watching the show though.


While Mariska Hargitay on SVU'll be seeing you. She is fabulous. In all sentidos.Da head to toe. Inside and out. Mariska, hands down.


I'm kind of excited about Giddish. My mom and I really liked Chase (and were sad it didn't last along with to many other good shows this year). However; I honestly see SVU only going a few more years. It is now the only L&O left and while it is a good series, as my mom always says, there are only so many ways to rewrite sex crimes so many times. I think bringing in new characters will give it those few years but I think it will also lose a lot of loyal viewers who don't like their favorite shows with new characters.


This is the final straw! First Donofrio, then McCoy and now Elliot and Liv. I'll stick with the re-runs!!!


I love the show, so I'll watch. I'm not a fan of the cast choice, but I am not gonna knock it till I try it. I am for the younger cast choice. :D


I agree I love the blonde she HOT way Hotter then Olive


i love it... love the choices am definitely watching again

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