Ellen Pompeo Presents Young Hollywood Award to Jesse Williams

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Will Lexie and Jackson stay together on Grey's Anatomy?

Will Ellen Pompeo stay with the show beyond next season?

Both unclear. But what's crystal clear is that we can look forward to at least one last hurrah next year - and that both Ellen and Jesse Williams were looking adorable Wednesday!

At the Young Hollywood Awards last night, Williams won TV Actor of the Year, and (quite blonde all of a sudden) Ellen was on hand to deliver him the statuette. Here's a photo:

Ellen and Jesse

From the titular character to one of the newest!

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Is this a belated April fool joke?


I don't think that he's necessarily a bad actor but he certainly didn't get enough material to show his acting skills and deserve an award.
And, like many of you said before, ED's acting is painfully bad... He's good at only one type of performance- sexy, funny, tough doctor, but when he has to show his "softer" side, the lack of skill is too obvious.


Not sure there was a lot of competition for this award if JW won. Just cos he's got a 'pretty face' and is in a popular programme doesn't make him a good actor! I would question the caliber of this'award'


Because he can't act. lol ED is the same way that's why they gave him the storyline with Sara and Jcap. I feel sorry for them because he sucks! Sarah drew got the chief resident position that says a lot. She is an amazing actress.


He's just a pretty face, he doesn't even have good storylines, if hardly any at all.


Not unpleasent surprise for me - I liked his play in GA.


@jr you mean why he got the award? lol for his looks I guess.


For what?????


@Maurie yeh I think he's pretty full of himself since he got on Grey's anatomy. I mean he's always in the spotlight whatever chance he gets. I agree he's not that good.JC rocks! I hope he stays.He is the most versatile actor on the show!


@Haik and grey's1
You are totally right, ED isn't so good, his crying scene was so bad I also had to laugh, when I wached the season 4 finale and the Alex/Izzie wedding episode again some days later, I you easily see the big difference on the acting level between JC and ED, JS is so much better!
And JW, he didn't get really get emotioinal deep stuff this season and even this superficial things seemed sometimes really forced, I don't think he could have handeld the "Derek's self doubts" SL or the "Izzie gets cancer and Ale have to deal with it"SL in S5. Or even the PTSD SL of Owen, these three males are so much better than him.
But I also don't get this fascination with him, he looks Okay, but I don't think he is something special or soooo hot ( I even read somewhere an articel where they describe him as the "new McDreamy" I was like WTF)


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