EXCLUSIVE: Sam Trammell Teases True Blood Love Interest, Family Haunting

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When we last left Sam Merlotte, he was holding a gun to his brother's head.

How will this development play out on season four of True Blood? Spoiler alert, Sam Trammell told me this week, Tommy survives.

"Tommy is there," the actor said. "We still don't know whether I shot him or not. But he's definitely around."

What about the rest of Sam's family, who viewers met last year? They "come back to haunt me," Trammell teased. "I can't quite escape them."

At Merlotte's

While Sam's past won't leave him alone this summer, his future will be consumed by a new love interest: a shape-shifter named Luna, played by Janina Gavankar.

"She's part of a new shape shifter community that I meet," Trammell said to me. "We explore the shape-shifting mythology a lot this season and flesh out more details as far as the role of shape-shifting in the world. We'll meet others like Sam."

This ought to sound familiar to readers of Charlaine Harris' novels, on which True Blood is based. Trammell says to include him in that group, as he finds the author "incredible" and says he read the first few books in her series immediately after he was cast because he was just so excited about the role.

Viewers have come to feel the same way over the years. Trammell says he first realized the massive popularity of the show when the cast showed up for Comic-Con after season one and the crowd was twice what it had been 12 months earlier.

That figure doubled again a year later.

"You feel like you're The Rolling Stones or something walking out on that stage," he said of the experience at the event.

With readers clamoring and speculating over every new True Blood clip and teaser, it's unlikely the excitement will die down any time soon. The HBO hit returns on June 26.

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@Lina What do you mean by Sam has a touch of cyclops syndrome?


I don't know why Sam gets so little praise. His character is totally relate-able, attractive and fleshed out. Shapeshifters are the best of all the supernaturals, imo. Definitely better than vampires and... fairies. Bleh. Shapeshifters will [probably] avoid drinking your blood, they can actually step outside during the day, and, if you asked, I'm sure Sam Merlotte would shift into an adorable dog you can use to help you pick up chicks. Personally, I can't wait to see how last season's cliffhanger turns out. I'd love to delve a lot more into the shapeshifter mythology. Just because Sam has a touch of Cyclops Syndrome, doesn't mean he's boring!


I love Sam! You guys need to stop hating! And Tara is definitely not the most boring!!!! Jason's was the most boring plot line last season. Sam's and Tara's were pretty damn entertaining. Minus Tara's quivering lip and whining. I have a feeling Tara will be pretty awesome this season. Still....stop hating on Sam. I can't wait to see more of him and what he'll be doing this season.


Awesome, more screen time for the second most boring character on the show(with Tara is the most boring). Can't wait for his uninteresting story lines to get more screen time than they deserve!


I am glad that they are going to look more into the shifter community in this season.


Not really a fan of Sam, but his character's development is interesting and his character was left with certain cliffhangers I wanna see tied up. :)

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