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Franklin & Bash Review: A Great Bromance

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Franklin & Bash is far from your normal legal drama. These boys are ambulance chasers with hearts of... well, I'm not sure what their hearts are made of just yet, but I know it won't be dull finding out.

In the first courtroom scene  of the premiere, a witness takes off her blouse and shakes her assets for the jury in order to get their attention. Bash gets thrown in contempt of court for the stunt, but he sees it as productive. ("Signed two DUIs and a weenie wagger.") Not to mention, his partner wins the case.

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash

And the tone is set for Franklin & Bash. If that's too over the top, you may want to bow out now. But if you find the lighthearted, goofball, campiness of this series appealing then you'll want to stick around.

At its heart, Franklin & Bash is a buddy dramedy, or shall we use the modern term, bromance. It pulls it off nicely. Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Steven Bash and Breckin Meyer's Jared Franklin feel like old friends. These two have chemistry in spades and there's nothing I like more than great chemistry between two characters.

The supporting cast is entertaining, too. Malcolm McDowell plays the eccentric new boss with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, but this is a show that likes to take things to the edge. 

Speaking of that edge, if they'd like to put Gosselaar's naked rear end in more episodes this season, I'm not against that.

Yes, this show is full of silliness. It has after-hours naked hot tubs, conference room karaoke machines, and sexual innuendo that runs rampant.

What sells it, though, is the two leads who ooze charm with every line. Bash loves the perks of being at the big law firm while still having his boyish fun. Unfortunately, he recently lost the girl. Whether or not he can get her back looks like a story we'll be following closely because this boy is head over heels, singing goofy songs, in love.

Franklin gets all the best lines but borders on being a jerk. All we know is that he didn't take the job at his daddy's law firm. I guess we'll have to wait and see why that is. 

Unfortunately for Franklin, I lost a huge amount of respect for him when he mistook Pindar's Star Trek comment about the Borg cube for Star Wars. That's just completely unacceptable.

Franklin & Bash is not your traditional legal show. Instead, it is a fun, comical romp through the law with characters who will make you smile every step of the way.


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I really liked it. I thought it was funny and i have always liked both actors. K and i find mark just as sexy today as i did when he was zach morris!