Game of Thrones Review: Who Died?

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In this penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, the stage was set for next season.

Oh, and the show's main character was killed off.

The lives of man hung in the balance throughout "Baelor," while others fell further from grace. Bronn took a woman from a few tents down named Shae. Keep an eye on her, viewers. I liked how he was exasperated at her joking when he was seriously looking for a companion.

I also really enjoyed the dynamic between Tyrion, Bronn and Shae as they were playing games. Tryion is such a cool dude. I'd feel like the luckiest whore in the world if I was chosen to be his companion. But something tells me Shae is not what she seems. I wonder if there will come a time when we learn how she truly ended up in this life she's living.

When he went into battle, it was like watching a toddler who lost his mother at Walmart on Black Friday. When I saw that mallet swing into his head, I have to admit I burst out laughing. Poor little guy, even when forced to be a warrior, and trying the best he can, it's just not for him.

It was such a grand gesture of Lord Commander Mormont, to give his sword, made for his son, and those after him, to Jon. And he went so far to change his own family's sigil, the bear, to Jon's, the direwolf. At the very least Jon is getting the respect at the Night's Watch he was unable to receive at Winterfell because of Catelyn's intense dislike for him.

Jon knows his father so well, there was no doubt in his mind that he would choose honor over family, no matter how much it hurt. In the end, all the things they keep those on the Night Watch from doing to keep their loyalty mean very little.

If only they could find more men like Jon and Ned, they need not have bastards, thieves, rapists and murderers defend the wall. Without honor, it's only the threat of death that keeps them from turning on the Watch. Are those truly the people for such a mighty position?

We learned a lot about how closely everyone is related. Jorah is son of Lord Commander Mormont, Maester Aemon is the uncle to Daenerys.

Running to and from the crown is all the rage, and it appears the only place to run from the crown that still allows you to have honor is the Night Watch. That must be why Jorah is not known for his honor, although he has proven himself honorable nonetheless.

It was heartbreaking to watch Drogo dying of a simple infection, and to find the Khaleesi will only have her position as long as he is alive. I hate that Dany turned to blood magic in an attempt to save him, as it will only make her look even crazier to the Dothraki.

And, yes, seeing the horse's neck slit and him falling to the ground - hearing his scream - was worse to me than knowing Drogo was dying. Funnily enough, I had just been talking to a friend about why I care more about animals than people, and it's because they work for us and feed us and we treat them with disrespect.

Dothraki treat their horses with respect, so to kill Drogo's steed to save his own life would be agony to him. It's almost as if they are one with their mounts.

From the book, I don't remember Ned seeing Arya on the statue on his way to his death, but I guess it must have been so. The statue was Baelor, and Ned told his man where to look to find Arya. He had to know that no good could come from giving up his honor.

Poor Sansa, smiling as her father was brought before the crowd, so sure of Joffrey's love for her, having no idea what was to happen. For his family, Ned gave up his honor. Which was the better lesson, to go to his death with honor or without?

Some other thoughts:

  • Robb found out what it was like to send men to their death in war, and he was right to feel as he did.
  • We finally got to see how Arya was trying to stay alive in kings Landing.
  • Joffrey turned out to be exactly who we all thought he would be, all except Cersei and Sansa. They were truly surprised.
  • If Joffrey had known Jaime had just been captured by the Starks, would the result have been the same? They really could've used a cell phone right about then.


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Never read the books and have been enjoying the series. However I may jump on the books instead... My big problem here is that they are killing off the acting talent that has been the glue. There have been enough episodes to show that after Peter D. it gets really thin on people who can hold the screen. If I were the producers I would be concerned about people like me who may not care as much anymore after the hiatus between season 1&2 is over. It just seems they are wasting brilliant casting moves.


Lots of spoilers here. Won't be back for another recap.


@pratik Don't worry. I think the reviewer doesn't read all the books, maybe just first one. And Shae is not the most important woman in Tyrion's life, at least not in the book.


At this point, where bookverse and series verse are so muddled, you could probably lay up on the review for the microscopic slip. Dying's not instantaneous anyway, so you won't be that far off to say, "yeah, you started to die, but guess what, antibiotics..."? Anyway, best episode yet. The only one done even close to properly. Why i kept watching it, even though the bookverse geek in me is screaming in agony. If they stuff book 2 in s01, they might stuff b2 and b3 in s02, so that might be better... or worse... I'll probably stop at this before the butchery resumes anyway, and reiterate some friendly advice to anyone watching this thinking to read the book after - DON'T. Unless you let years pass to wash away the muck of this 1.5 star adaptation. Somehow, still better than Camelot...


I agree with Steve. Please no spoilers here. Like she is going to be the most important person in Tyrion's life. It is hard enough reading the book after already having seen most of season 1 as you know all the twists beforehand Anyways did not see the ending coming. Glad that a major character died. But I hope that Geofferys head is on a spike very soon. What i do want to know is the relation b/w the Lord of the Citadel, and Dany && Jorah is son of Lord Commander Mormont. I completely missed the second part. When was this told?


Drogo doesn't die just because of the simple infection. The witch has treated him with wrong meds, because she want the revenge for her village. So Drogo may not die if Dany didn't let the witch treat her. Ironically, I know.


We are told in the episode that Drogo has a mortal wound and will die within a small number of hours. And then the blood magic starts.
The reviewer mispeaks when she says that "it was heartbreaking to watch Drogo die of a simple infection". That's not what happens in the episode (or in the book). If she had used the word "dying" instead of "die" it would be more accurate. The effect of the blood magic, if there is to be any, has yet to be seen.
It's worth watching next week.


Ok, sorry HBO producers, I expected great things from this episode and you failed me. Not greatly, but you did fail me. 1. Where the heck are all the battle scenes portrayed so gloriously in the book? Tyrion actually fought and killed. He didn't take a nap (after taking the Hammer Pill) and woke up to see all had been done. He is better than that. Also, where are the battle scenes between Robb and the Kingslayer? Whatever improvements HBO made regarding the direwolves, they averted it all. Grey Wind fought like a beast in the book and pretty much won the battle for Robb in the book. I didn't even see a sight of him in this episode. Did HBO just run out of money or something? The Chinese don't do a lot of things right but the American HBO has a thing or two to learn from them regarding producing battle scenes. 2. I like that Shae is more than a whore in the serie. She is hot, has some cool accent, and has this sexy mystique about her that even I adore, let a lone a dwarf. Ok, alright, I'm not as cool as Tyrion so he has the girl. 3. So, Joffren is a stinky liar and Ned is a loving father who chose Love over Honor. What else is new? Right, Joffren is king and Ned's head is now on a spike. Before you get mad and start mourning, that boy-king won't be holding on the his little crown long with the way he is ruling. Shedding blood right in front of Baelor the Bless is a bad omen...


In the book Ned doesn't see Arya in the crowd. The man he sends is Yoren (not actually his man but the man from the Night's Watch which explains why he's still alive). In the book Yoren does the same thing he just doesn't do it at Ned's direction


Still, I don't want anyone who has read the books spoiling the rest of the season. The same thing about "Shae being the most significant person in Tyrion's life." I haven't seen that yet and have not had a chance to read it yet, so if you've read the book and are reviewing the episode, please do not go past where they are in the series.

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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Maester Aemon: If the day should ever come when your Lord father had to choose between honor on the one hand and his family on the other, what would he do?
Jon: He would do whatever is right no matter what.
Maester Aemon: Then Lord Stark is one man in 10,000. Most are not so strong.

You think my life is such a precious thing to me, that I would trade my honor for a few more years...of what?