Glee Creator Confirms: Characters WILL Graduate!

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Yes, Glee fans, the chatter is true: not all cast members will be around for season four.

Appearing on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today, Ryan Murphy confirmed what he had hinted at previously: "This next [season] will be their senior year, and then that [they] will graduate.... We didn’t want to have a show where they were in high school for eight years. We really wanted  to be true to that experience.”

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This means that Rachel, Finn, Quinn and Puck will all depart the show in May 2012. Or at least William McKinley High School. It wouldn't shock us if storylines followed a few characters to college, or NYC as hinted at in the finale.

New characters will be brought in to replace the originals, with Murphy saying Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch will remain “the male and female lynchpins of the series."

Overall, though, Glee “is a celebration of youth and talent," he said. "Finding those young unknown people and giving them an opportunity to break into the business and become stars is a really fun and exciting thing, and is the spirit of the series.”

Which senior will you miss the most, readers?

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Rachel is not why I watch the show she is why I wanted to stop watching it her voice is just annoying I like everybody else except for finn and kurt they suck to.


the fact that a lot of you are saying that rachel is what people watch the show for is... kind of astounding. honestly, in the beginning i thought she was endearingly annoying, but now she's downright hateful. CANNOT stand her. finn too. he's all 'i'm a great guy' when he's actually kind of a douchebag. the only seniors i'll miss are kurt and santana. santana's the only reason i even still watch the show, and the only reason i got into it. i tried watching it when it came out fall 2009, but i just found finn, rachel and will so insufferable. i'm just sayin.


I JUST got into Glee at the start of Season 3 and I am already loving all these characters (especially Kurt) and it feels as though I've been here since Season 1. If Ryan does actually have them graduate I'd love to see a spin-off with the graduating characters...I mean it will be great seeing new characters (I already love Rory...the new character from this season) but idk if I can handle watching some of the other characters go well actually mainly Kurt I don't want to see leave but the other characters that will graduate I don't want to see leave either. I'll still watch Glee but it won't be the same :(


Well, Naya Rivera informed the reporters who interviewed her that her character, Santana Lopez is a senior and so, she should be graduated at the end of season 3, joining Rachel, Finn and Kurt.
What does it mean for Brittana? We still don't know if the couple is on or not - Naya saying nothing on this isssue + as Ryan Murphy & Cie change their opinions every seconds, he could decide at the very last minute to change Brittana's SL if fans reaction was too violent... so, keep hoping! - but as seeing as Santana will be graduating even though Brittany should have to do 1 more year, I guess that even if Santana/Brittany happens, well, it should be for a short period! :( About Naya's future, 3 possible solutions :
1) as seeing as BF & RM said that graduations doesn't mean departure, we could see the actress joining Lea, Chris and Cory in s4,
2) as seeing as the Glee spin off isn't toatally given up (we will see next Spring), Naya could join Lea and Chris at New York City. Not necessarely at Julliard but why not at Colombia or NY University... With the possibility to see Heather Morris (if the actress still wants goes on with Glee adventure/franchise) joining her at the end of the s4, especially if Brittany is on and keeps going... Hey, we can always hope, right?! :)
3) Naya's contract was only for 3 years (contraely to Lea/Cory and Chris's ones which seem to run for 7 years), plus, the releasing of her album is a true success and her collaboration with Glee's adventure is definitively done... :( Of course, I would prefer the first both solutions but well, in the same time, I hope that Naya's alabum will be a success and/or she will have been hired for some great others projects (movies, shows, etc...)


*SPOILER ALERT!* Sam will not be in season 3 at all and at the end of the season , Rachel , Kurt and Finn are graduating , but they are not going completely , there will be a spin off episode (Except for Sam) and Mercedes will get a boyfriend from the "Glee project" but Puck and Sue are not going anywhere , please like for more spoilers! :)


Face it, and like it or not, this is The Rachel Berry Show. She is the only character that most viewers watch the show for and the only one who drives the storylines. Not to mention the fact that she dominates virtually every scene she's in and carries most of the musical numbers - particularly the competitions. The first time I heard her chime in to that fantastic Finn/Rachel performance of Don't Stop Believing I literally got goosebumps and I have that same response almost every time she sings - that's what hooked me, and many others I've talked with. You can wish that the show is about high school, but it's Rachel and Finn. That single song is a microcosm of the entire show... and it summarizes the entire story. All of the other characters, except Finn, are expendable. That's because the dynamic between these two characters is nothing short of magical. This show is no more about anyone other than Rachel than The Mary Tyler Moore Show was about Ted Baxter. Rachel and Finn are the engines that drive this show and without them... well it'll be the exactly the same as The Doors without Jim Morrison. That's not just an observation or opinion, it's simply an immutable force of nature!


cmon seriously? do you really want to see the same characthers at fourty playing teens? enough is enough let them grow up and do a spin off. give the new kids a chance who knows ;you might find a new fav.


Sorry, but once Rachel, Finn, Puck, and Kurt ...well maybe Brittany too(she is SO funny) get written out I wont watch Glee.


But I agree with others, I would watch the spin-offs!


I don't know if I would watch the show if none of the original characters are in it. I reason I love the show is because of the characters like Rachel, Finn, Puck and Mercedes!!!! It won't be GLEE without them!!!!!!!

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