Glee Creator Confirms: Characters WILL Graduate!

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Yes, Glee fans, the chatter is true: not all cast members will be around for season four.

Appearing on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today, Ryan Murphy confirmed what he had hinted at previously: "This next [season] will be their senior year, and then that [they] will graduate.... We didn’t want to have a show where they were in high school for eight years. We really wanted  to be true to that experience.”

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This means that Rachel, Finn, Quinn and Puck will all depart the show in May 2012. Or at least William McKinley High School. It wouldn't shock us if storylines followed a few characters to college, or NYC as hinted at in the finale.

New characters will be brought in to replace the originals, with Murphy saying Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch will remain “the male and female lynchpins of the series."

Overall, though, Glee “is a celebration of youth and talent," he said. "Finding those young unknown people and giving them an opportunity to break into the business and become stars is a really fun and exciting thing, and is the spirit of the series.”

Which senior will you miss the most, readers?

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I can understand where you are coming from. But how do you know that the actors themselves havent asked to leave the show. FAMILY WISE not every family stays together, eventually someones gonna have to leave the nest.


almost all of them were planning on going to prom, or were allowed to, before ND was even hired to perform. They really should all be seniors now. Especially Sam--do you think Quinn, a girl who is VERY careful with her image, date a younger guy? I don't think so!


Wait....I thought all the characters were in the same grade, i mean Finn and Mercedes had Spanish together. I think its good to get new characters bit honestly those four are my favorite characters idk if i will still watch if they are not in it. Plus Cory Montieth is gorgeous and puck is soooo bad ass they are the best characters


@tyluv3 i think you're wrong. sure these kids should eventually move on but think about it, before the show did you have any clue who these people were? bc i didnt, but now i do, and so does everyone else. i love all of them and really hope that they stick around. just bc they are getting up there in age in real life doesnt mean you should kick them out and slam the door in their face. they love doing this show and they should be able to choose if they want to continue or not. like they have all said before, they are a family, and a family should not be ripped apart if it wants to stay together.


Why are you guys being so unreasonable? Its time for new characters. Change is needed on every show and you should give it a chance. Besides if you love lea michele so much why are you all adamant on keeping her locked down on one show. Do any of you have any idea how that would hurt and cripple her career. Its too early in her career for her to be attached to something that she will always associated with. Its best hat she gets out now before she starts to resent it. This goes for all of the characters.


I agree. its time for the characters to move. This is show about high school and a part of high is moving on and going on to make a legacy. Its time for the characters to leave and make room for new people.


I don't know what I'll do if Kurt leaves. I don't even want to think about that. I really hate that these characters are leaving simply because I've grown so attached to them. Although, their real selves are getting up there in age. (Like Cory Monteith who will be a thirty year old in a few short years.) All that is getting me through this is the fact that Mr. Schue and Coach Sylvester stay, and that I get to watch the glee club do what they do best for another year, and since it is their senior year, no doubt it will be huge!


PLEASE don't suddenly bring in a whole new cast. We watch Glee because we love the original cast. i would be perfectly happy for the show to follow them out of high school and into New York as long as I could still see Kurt and Blaine! Don't push your luck Murphy...we love you and your show the way it is.


What a huge mistake if he truly decides to get rid of the original cast, you're all right, that's not how tv works. Transitions after one of the main character's departure in another show is often really difficult and sometimes signs the end of it. Think about Lost, what would've happened if they all left the Island at the end of season 3? And Oh, all of Grey's Anatomy Interns leaving when they became residents (which would've been more accurate) That would've been the end of the series. I would only say, Mr Murphy, be careful.


this sucks!! those 4 characters are pretty much the entire reason i watch the show!! i dont think i'll be able to continue with it if they dont at least keep those characters in the picture. they dont have to be in high school but if they're not in it at all ever again then i am done...for good! :'(

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