Glee Producer Pushes for Bruce Springsteen, Talks Cast Graduation

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Sue Sylvester may think she's the boss of William McKinley, but Glee producer Ian Brennan says there's one guest star he dreams to have:

The Boss himself.

Asked by E! News who he'd love to see make a cameo, Brennan said he's never brought it up with the musical icon, but replied: "Bruce Springsteen as a motivational speaker."

bruce springstein

Is Bruce Springsteen among your ideal Glee guest stars?

Perhaps of more importance to viewers, Brennan also touched on the fact that high school students graduate. The show will reflect this fact on season three and beyond.

"I just think we would be missing a beat if we didn't acknowledge the fact that a huge part of high school is graduating from high school, and that's going to give us a lot of stuff to write to in season three," he said. "Every time we bring in a new character it's worked out really well, we've been very fortunate... That was one of the big surprises of season two, the new characters just seemed like they had been there together forever. So bringing in new characters will allow us a little more flexibility and will add to the longevity of the show."

And one of those new characters will come from The Glee Project.

We'll have plenty more on Glee season three in the coming days, weeks and months.

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If they turn glee in 90210 it's goodbye for me...


@Sam, I, for one, am all for your idea (and I agree it would be a better show than Glee without those characters). I didn't picture them in school, though, but working on the stage as extras and understudies with maybe Rachel getting a few speaking parts (second ingenue?). There could be a lot more story as they all try to survive and pursue their dreams. Love it!


You guys think theirs going to be no more Rachel or Finn or anybody on it after this season??


I demand a spinoff with Klaine and Rachel in New York!!! They can be roomies, and Kurt can pick out everyone's outfits for classes (I assume they'll be in school, and Rachel and Blaine are going to need some help in that department...) and Rachel can make comments about how Kurt and Blaine remind her of her dads, and then Burt, Carol and Finn can come and visit Kurt and RIB can create yet another Finchel drama storyline that is both amusing and irksome, and Kurt and Rachel can argue over random things and put Blaine in the middle, and, and, and damn it all if that wouldn't be my favorite show ever! Who else is totally picturing them renting a two-bedroom apartment and Kurt and Rachel being all innocent and arguing over what their bedroom will be like and Blaine frowning and being all "Ummm, couldn't Kurt share with me?" and Kurt blushing and Rachel being all "Oh. Yeah, that could work too.....". (That would totally be the opening scene.) And think of all the Rachel/Kurt/Blaine song covers we'd get!


I hope they will do a spinoff with Rachel cause without Lea Michele, there's no Glee. The producers probably think that their concept can live without the specific characters but the show is the main characters.


I can't see the show surviving Lea Michele leaving. If they were to do a spin-off of Rachel, Kurt, and others going to New York, I suspect it would hasten the end of Glee. I'm guessing, though, that every one of the cast has offers they might want to pursue ... and letting cast members graduate would be a way to deal with that -- but still ....


By all means cover some of his music (can imagine the kids doing 'Glory Days') but for the love of all that is good and holy please no more guest stars (unless they are ridiculously talented as well as having the ability to act well and can contribute to a decent storyline and not simply hog the limelight from the main cast)!! We are all aware of how much the cast and crew love Gywnnie and her ilk of dull guest stars this last season but there needs to be more to a guest star than simply star power (need more of the likes of Kristen Chenoweth and Neil Patrick Harris who, when written well, can talent-wise blow the main cast out of the water justifiably and not simply cos they're more famous). They need to stop promising guest stars and start promising better storylines and character development. After the finale and them saying the show will always have Will, Sue and Brittany but not necessarily anyone else from the original cast I'm not convinced I'll make it past season 3 with the show (as much as I love Sue and Brittany they won't guarantee my viewing). Plus the show is being sold to Sky1 in the UK (death bells toll, no big show survives moving to that channel without losing at least half its audience, if not more). Unless the writing is amazing I don't think the show will be last much longer, it can't keep riding on big guest stars and a smattering of awesome songs amongst a pile of drivel current chart pap (it pains me to say that cos I still love season 1 so much).


I can live without Finn and Rachel, but not without tina and Mike, I like them the best, probably because they haven't been ruined by being given a storyline by RIB


So....does he mean that the current new directions are gunna graduate and the new actors/underclassmen glee kids are going to be the main characters cause there is not glee without Finn and Rachel


I don't know, he famously turned down The Simpsons in their glory years.

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