How Will Two and a Half Men Write Out Charlie?

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We may now know how Two and a Half Men will address the drug-fueled elephant in the room when the sitcom returns this fall.

With Ashton Kutcher on board, the only question regarding season nine remains: How will the show account for Charlie Harper's absence?

Charlie and Alan Discuss

According to network sources, good fortune will likely play a role...

When we last saw Charlie, he was was headed to catch a plane to Paris with Rose. No, Chuck Lorre won't crash the flight. But he will simply have Charlie remain in France, leaving the remaining Men with a vacancy to fill in their apartment.

Enter Kutcher. Exit the nightmare that has been the last few months.

What do you think of that plan?

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I rarely watched the show as I work evenings. But if anyone has noticed, the show has gone out of its way to pay for Charlie to come back and he's declined. So whether you won't watch or not, won't matter. I think it's brave of the show and Ashton to keep the show running. Think back to other shows that lost their 'star'. David Caruso jumped NYPD Blue because he was so good. How many more years was that on? 1 person can assist in making the show good. It's comradery and teamwork. But give it a chance, people. I feel for the other actors that were left hanging in the wind due to Charlie's self-indulgence. How about a little support to those that are still there and still trying to make a go, for your enjoyment, and their livelihood?


Nothing on tv lasts forever, it eventually gets old. Everything is constantly changing, and hopefully the show will do well with Ashton.


I dont care how they handle it IM NOT watching Ashton Kutcher STINKS!!!! He acts like an IDIOT!!!!!!!!


Apartment? I thought they lived in Charlies Malibu house on the beach? So Charlie will leave his house to his brother and his kid? Doesn't make sense.


I will miss Rose. Was so happy when she came back to the show,,it seemed that the comedy was way better with her


I think Ashton needs to come in as Charlie's child from one if his many one night stands ..


I think a heart attack in Paris would be perfect! They could even bring Rose home for a funeral, and they could find a reason for Ashton to come into contact with the characters there. He could be introduced by someone we know (Judith?)having just relocated and in need of a place to live!


Lame.....much funnier if Ashton is a long lost love child of Evelyn's....either way show is gonna suck without Charles...


I won't be watching this any longer...was one of my fav sitcoms, but without Charlie, no way. Bring back Charlie, please!!!!


Won't be the same with out has enuff teenage humor without Ashton

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Alan: What's the forecast?
Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

Charlie: For every gorgeous woman out there's a guy tired of banging her.
Alan: But that guy is never me.