Law & Order: SVU Narrows Christopher Meloni Replacement Options Down to...

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We're reportedly down to four.

According to Nellie Andreeva of TV Line, Law & Order: SVU producers have whittled down the possible replacements for Christopher Meloni to five, all of whom are headed to NYC this week to test. They are:

  1. Danny Pino
  2. Kevin Alejandro (pictured)
  3. David Conrad
  4. Michael Raymond-James
  5. Rhys Coiro
Kevin Alejandro on Southland

Alejandro has gone the cop route before on Southland, and will play a key role on season four of True Blood.

As a major fan of Terriers, however, my vote has to go to Raymond-James. Any reminder of that canceled FX series would be a welcome one. Which actor would you go with?

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Danny Pino is a veteran character from Cold Case.
He would be a viable fit on SVU.


I'm going to have to agree Michael Raymond James is amazing. Terriers was the best show that had come out in a while I think. So I'd love to see him on SVU. Although no one can truly take Chris' place.


Aries93 Ice-T play a gang memember who killed a cop in the Orginal Law and Order so Im sure they can do the same here


Michael Easton would be perfect for this part. I don't believe anyone can replace Chris but do think that Michael would be great. The fact that One Life is done at the end of next month, let's give him a chance.


No offence to Law and Order: SVU, but you CAN'T have Kevin Alejandro & Michael Raymond-James. Kevin was in it earlier season 12 episode 'Branded' as a rape victim (who was also a rapist years prior to that as revealed in the episode). As for Michael, he cannot also due to him being the key character in the series finale this year. I like the idea of Kevin Alejandro, but I'd just view him as a victim each time.
As for Danny Pino, I've never heard of him, so I have no comment. Therefore, I must choose David Conrad who played Jim in Ghost Whisperer. I don't have any other choices, so I guess that's it. :/

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