NCIS Burning Question: Where Was Ziva at the Funeral?

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Ziva's absence from Mike Franks’ funeral in the NCIS season eight finale has been noticed - and in some cases heavily criticized - by many loyal fans of the CBS procedural.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg says not to read too much into it.

Due to Ziva’s training as a Mossad operative, "her life experiences, and how she personally deals with death, not attending Mike Franks’ funeral was in no way a sign of disrespect," Gary tells TV Line regarding her much-debated absence. 

Ziva is Taken

"We’ve all seen Ziva grieve. I think it’s fair to say she would do so in her own way. Ziva also knew she had limited time to say goodbye to Ray before he left."

Glasberg adds that "Mike Franks would never hold that against her. In fact he would probably insist she ‘stop hangin’ around a cemetery and follow her heart.’”

What do you think? Do you accept that explanation, or should Ziva have gone anyway? On a related note, what mission do you think Ray left on? Discuss.

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After rewatching the entire five episode marathon in entirety on USA Sunday, I have to say that Ziva not being at the funeral was just 'wrong'.. I adore my Ziva and she remains my favorite character on NCIS - and yes I am a Tiva shipper (FULL disclosure) -- but still I am troubled by this greatly.


Unless she was on assignment there is not reason for her not to attend Franks funeral. Hopefully the writers didn't get it that wrong.


Honestly I never noticed until now but I think Ziva has to do her own thing to be herself.


I think Ziva should of been at the funeral!! but I think that she may not have been there because the producers wanted to show the funeral in the trailer but not her attending so that there was suspence with fans thinking she was the victim/dead. If that's not true then she was probably wasting time with loser Ray. She respected Mike and I hope there is a reason she wasn't there. I know EJ is back for ep 1 of season 9 but hope that's her last appearance. Hope Ray and EJ just leave the show to never been seen again.


I hope that they bring EJ back next season... so some one can shoot her! Haha, anyways, I think that Ziva didn't attend the funeral because she didn't want everyone to see her fall apart as she did in the elevator with Tony. But she did respect Mike, so she wasn't just blowing him off.


Ziva's grief is always personal and private, and Francks would have thumped her on the shoulder and said, "It's OK". EJ is irritating and superior and should go bye-bye immediately; if they link she and Tony and dump Ziva, who seems unhappy and unsettled, or have Ziva "leave" again it would be a mistake. Ray's mission doesn't yet sem important, just a way to get him out of the picture so other things can develop. This show continues to surprise, and the cast is uniformly terrific!


Let also remember Ziva only care about Ziva she has no repect for gibbs ( laught at him when mike die) or Tony( not letting him do his job) or megee( saying he killed that cop without proof)


Janet you maybe right. Editor I hope they get rid of EJ too. Can't wait until September 20 to see who is in the photo and see the team


I want to think you are right Polgara about how Ziva grieves. I think you are. I think her falling apart in the elevator was part of that grief.
I DID see Tony's face again last night on Pryamid and I did see that he seemed to recognize who it was in the picture. Maybe let it be CIRay and we can get rid of him just like we got rid of that damn ej. Can't wait for September 20th.......


i think tony was ordered to get friendly with Ej as they suspect her being a double agent because we all know there is only one woman for tony.


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