NCIS Burning Question: Who Did Tony See in the Photo?

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May's NCIS season finale, "Pyramid," saw the demise of the Port-to-Port Killer, but left more than a few unanswered questions lingering in the story arc's aftermath.

Chief among them: Who did Tony see in the photo?

The new SecNav promptly summoned Tony to keep tabs on someone within the organization selling U.S. intelligence. DiNozzo was clearly chosen for a reason, too.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide that, not surprisingly, "It will be someone that we recognize," and that we'll learn who it is in the season premiere.

Tony D

Come September, we'll also learn more about the microchip that E.J. suspiciously removed from her slain colleague's arm. Think the two mysteries are connected?

It's hard to imagine they're not in some way. Follow this link for more NCIS Season 9 spoilers and sound off with your thoughts on these ongoing plot lines below.

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I really wish you people would learn to write sentences and spell correctly. Maybe Americans are as illiterate as I am hearing.


OMG...... i am burning up and not because of my last name. Cannot wait who is behind the Picture.... Gary!!! ugh!!!!


Abby is just like Gibbs, she has a good judgment. She knows if the person is bad or good. She can sense things beneath and I like her character for that despite her many tattoos. I don't like the blonde girl... she's up to NO good. I'm guessing she, her uncle and Jonas Cobbs are all in it together.


I think what Tony sees on the photo is Ziva. Since we all, NCIS fans, know that Ziva was previously part of Mossad agent.


well i think it was ej as she took the microchip out of her co-workers arm and i think that michael is so bashing ziva around seh means well to gibbs team and you've got your own opinion but give her some respect. s he respects everyone the same and mostly gibbs team but ya know dont get cokky cause everyone is going against what ya have said and she dont treat everyone like dogs.


It's RAY Ziva's Boyfriend.... The look on Tony's face was how do I protect Ziva.... We all know he cares for her


I'm Thing it has to be Ray The secret text message to Tel iv the secrets from the teams it all points to Ray


Well we know Why EJ team was getting all the cool stuff was not by Vance but by EJ Uncle

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