NCIS Burning Question: Who Did Tony See in the Photo?

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May's NCIS season finale, "Pyramid," saw the demise of the Port-to-Port Killer, but left more than a few unanswered questions lingering in the story arc's aftermath.

Chief among them: Who did Tony see in the photo?

The new SecNav promptly summoned Tony to keep tabs on someone within the organization selling U.S. intelligence. DiNozzo was clearly chosen for a reason, too.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Guide that, not surprisingly, "It will be someone that we recognize," and that we'll learn who it is in the season premiere.

Tony D

Come September, we'll also learn more about the microchip that E.J. suspiciously removed from her slain colleague's arm. Think the two mysteries are connected?

It's hard to imagine they're not in some way. Follow this link for more NCIS Season 9 spoilers and sound off with your thoughts on these ongoing plot lines below.

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I wouldn't put anything past ex SecNav for sure because he has secrets it seems, but not so sure about Leon. Under it all, he is honest I think. I keep remembering how Gibbs gave him that knife in the hospital and I trust Gibbs gut and one of the last things he said to dear Mike Franks in his basement before he was killed when Mike said " used to trust Vance..." and Gibbs replied ..."still do...", so I am torn. Of course Leon and Gibbs operate differently, but that alone doesn't make Leon the bad guy, right ......


I still think ex sec-nav were selling secrets to the enemy,
remember when Vance opened his big mounth and said,"do you know what I've given up to take this job,"this tells me he is not happy being boss of the NCIS,and Gibbs knows it too.I think they are making extra money selling secrets,,Leon and ex sec-nav????


Abby doesn't love NCIS she love Gibbs team if she love NCIS she would of treated EJ better


Editor you are correct they do have cameras in autopsy,if they just get the idea to go through the footage. I am really looking forward to the new season. Tania06 I think that you are right it would never be Abby she love NCIS and the team too much, they are her family she would never sell them out. SaucyB I think Jimmy and Tony are developing the same type relationship that Ducky and Gibbs have so I hope it is not him. But it could be that big guy on EJ's team, someone else already mentioned it and I agree there are so many possibilities.


Like I say it does not have to be a DC ncis agent it could be a NCIS agent a sea like Gibbs old team


@ editor
i was thinking the same thing. Everyone is so focused on EJ being the traitor and have apparently forgotten the big guy in her team (can't remember his name). however, EJ did remove the chip from that agent's arm and it was kinda suspicious and as much as i want her to be the 'one', i doubt that mainly because she's the obvious choice. nevertheless, she's probably gonna have some questions to answer regarding the chip she removed when the time comes. i also doubt tony's dad is involved. we should remember that the so called person selling classified info is an agent. more specifically, an NCIS agent.


...and I like every one of your comments Cathy...but I hope Tony Sr. is not involved. I'm thinking back to when Ari was in Ducky's autopsy room and I think they have cameras in there, so ej may not get away with anything at all - if it is her - and you are soooo right..that Agent MUST have known that that chip was just under his skin. No one has ever mentioned that little tidbit. Sort of indicates that maybe HE was not as innocent as he seemed eh? That whole Team was "hinky" as Abby says. So, maybe they are going to go after the big guy. Wasn't he supposed to be smarter than McGee and he is still alive, resting up from his injury. Maybe they will bring him back for Episode 1 and finish up this darn story!


Michael you are just strange. Why do you have such a hurt on for Ziva? Any way I do agree that EJ is envolved, but has anyone considered it might be Tony's father? He is broke and he is a man not above lying to get what he wants. EJ did take something out of her dead partner's arm. He had to have known it was there, so what was it? It still has something to do with the Frankenstine program that the government does not want found out. How best to cover up something put someone with a vested interest on the case to work it. Just a thought.


I don't think its anyone from Team Gibbs, including the Duck Man, Abby or Palmer. I don't remember any sort of look of surprise or regret on Tony's face when he looked in the file; therefore, I kind of think its likely a recurring character. So now that Mike Franks is providing brunch for beetles (Ducky said that "worm food" was a misnomer, if you recall), what semi-regular characters are left that we particularly give a shit about? However, if it IS one of the regulars, the obvious choice would be Ziva, simply on the strength of her Middle Eastern ties and all of the things we very likely don't know about her pre-NCIS life. The least obvious choice would probably be Jimmy Palmer; we really don't know much about him, other than the fact that he was shagging a mortician at one point (which is actually both gross and awesome!).


no I think it someone from NCIS not NCIS LA. I don't Think it's going to be McGee hes got the smarts but hes too good and he cares for NCIS it's not Gibbs he doesn't play like that. Ziva ppl may think it's her but shes to obvious and I Know she wouldn't do that to the team or NCIS she cares for NCIS Abby wouldn't do it she loves NCIS it's her family. it not Ducky. I can't pitcher Palmer doing it. all that's left is the recurring characters it's not going to be Fornell but it is going to be someone close to the team.

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