NCIS: Los Angeles to Utilize LL Cool J's Musical Background

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NCIS: Los Angeles will shed further light on Sam next season in an episode that also highlights LL Cool J's background, Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line reveals.

“It is a very, very powerful episode, one that reveals something about [LL's] character,” NCIS and NCIS: LA executive producer Shane Brennan told the site.

“LL Cool J is excited about it, and he is going to be involved in the music for that episode. So that is something to look forward to,” he added.

Do Not Eff With Sam

Is there anything Sam can't do?

Brennan expects it to be among “the first three or four episodes” of the CBS hit’s third season, though the boss did not elaborate on LL Cool J’s specific involvement in the music.

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This is great entertainment and I would enjoy it more if the background music didn't overpower the speech. Several of my friends feel the same way. Other successful TV shows does not need this constant loud background music.


This show is so screwed up I can't believe it's still on the air. It definitely is not NCIS in any way, shape or form. Bringing the Director in once in a while doesn't make it NCIS. I am surprised the Navy hasn't complained. When it was introduced as the 2 part 'Legend' I was interested but by the time it premiered so much had changed that I couldn't stand it. I guess the American viewer doesn't have any taste or discernment. Don't know what the viewer demographics are but obviously they like watching 2 out of control guys running around waving guns. They don't even get the girls!


This may be interesting to see but i hope they do not focus on it too much.

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