Nurse Jackie Review: "Batting Practice"

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For an episode titled "Batting Practice," Nurse Jackie didn't really hit any storylines out of the park this week.

Can anyone say the events on this installment left them anxious for next Monday's season finale? There's not exactly a lot of momentum heading into it.

Tending to a Patient

Kevin seems to be on to his wife, but there's so little interaction between this couple that I can't pretend to be very invested in their relationship. I'd absolutely leave if I were Kevin, considering how generally unhappy both he and Jackie seem together.

Could their tumultuous marriage even be contributing to their daughter's anxiety? Grace might be far more relaxed without so much tension in the house.

That would be my prediction for the finale: Kevin asks for a divorce and Jackie falls completely back on the wagon again.

Then again, it's not like she's truly off. Gulping down her daughter's meds was a new low, really, one that finally caused O'Hara to jump in and make an unusual offer: I'll detox you myself via whatever pills you need to get clean. I don't think it will work. I don't think Jackie even wants it to work.

As for other developments on the episode:

  • That was a nice moment for Coop. He's my favorite character, but he can also come across as a caricature. So it was nice to hear his Best Man chat with Eddie and have him admit to his shortcomings. It humanized him.
  • Seriously, Zoey, do you not realize how awesome Lenny is?!? The guy may be out to lunch - or desert, to be more specific, considering his candy intake - but I promise you'll never find a man who loves you as much as he does.
  • Akalitus may be the biggest waste of a character on television. She's just such a blatant attempt to bring levity to a serious show and none of her storylines ever feel realistic or interesting.

So, as we head into the season finale, where do you stand on Nurse Jackie? Are Kelly's admission, Coop's wedding and Kevin's impending explosion enough to keep you intrigued?


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Nurse Jackie is a brilliant show that my whole family watches! Here is what they rated Nurse Jackie: Me: 11 out of 10! Dad: 5 out of 10! Mum: 9 out of 10 Grandma: 9 out of 10 Sister: 10 out of 10


Nurse Jackie is a brilliant show that my whole family watches! Here is what they rated Nurse Jackie: Me: 11 out of 10! Dad: 5 out of 10! Mum: 9 out of 10 Grandma: 9 out of 10 Sister: 10 out of 10


well i still L O V E this show!!! love the characters - all of them - love the storylines and love the fact that for once jackie, kelly and me ended an episode laughing out loud!!! Yay jackie!!


Of all the characters on the show, O'Hara is the best and the most 3-dimentional character. Eve Best, the British actress who plays O'Hara is amazing!Even though the storyline of Season 3 is a bit drawn out, I still am looking forward to next week's season finale episode. I really hope Jackie gets help.Once she does, that will probably be the end of the show


Why is it that the third season of most shows simply are .. well, awful (except NCIS that is) -- This season of Nurse Jackie horrendous. Like House, right away, everyone has to 'fix' somebody. Nurse Jackie is House in a RN uniform, let's not kid ourselves here -- I am struggling to even watch this season -- and as far as Edie Falco, I hate to be the rain on the parade, but frankly her work as Carmela clearly hovers over any role and always will. The writing of this show is weak, the acting forced, yet I keep coming back -- loyalty to Falco, but truthfully not for long. Getting xanax'd by it all. Typical, tedious and predictable. Oh and you asked about "how much money does O'Hara make anyway?" She is independently wealthy, remember? Seriously rich our Dr. O'Hara, she does not have to work, yet chooses to.. now her story I would love to be looked at.

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