Nurse Jackie Season Finale Review: Same Old, Same Old...

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Someday, Jackie Peyton might face consequences for her actions.

But that day did not take place after an affair on season one. Nor did it take place after she was outed as a drug addict on season two. As for this season three finale? Nope.

Same old story on ...Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test..., same lack of ramifications for a main character that has become utterly dislikable.

Sad Wedding Day

It would make sense for Jackie to kick Kevin out for his affair if she were blind to her own behavior. But moments earlier she had opened up to O'Hara about her shortcomings and had spent the last few weeks seemingly aware that she was headed down a dangerous path.

In her screwed up mind, wouldn't Kevin's infidelity actually be a welcome surprise? She could take full advantage of his guilt and pretty much act however she pleased for the foreseeable future. Then again, she does that anyway.

Jackie's reaction aside, my main problem with the show is how easily it lets its main character off. She sleeps around, she pops pills, she doesn't do anything about her troubled kids. And in response? Eddie continues to be her friend, O'Hara does little about her pal's habit and now Kevin comes crawling back.

Heck, Akalitus even tosses out Jackie's urine sample and assures us that nothing will really change for Jackie next season. The series is a cycle of solid acting, but no risk-taking or progress.

I'll end this review and this season on a positive note, though: it was a very nice moment when the hospital saved Coop by singing happy birthday after he was stood up.

What did everyone else think of the finale and the season in general? Do you find it as irritating as I do that so little ever actually happens to Jackie?


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To me, Jackie keeps getting better. Sure, it's easy to go all moralistic and bring out the addiction 101 judgements, but the show is more complex than that, thankfully. Jackie is one of those fascinating characters that keeps on going no matter what her losses & screw ups. Her loyalty to patient care is fascinating given how elastic her moral code otherwise is. (If only real nurses gave such a damn!) I predict Charlie's death next season & excellent sexual tension between Jackie and Cruz (well, there already is).


I feel the lack of forward progress too, but in that way the show is very rwalistic ... addicts get away with doing what they do because they are often surrounded by enablers who look the other way, don't put their foot down or simply have no idea what to do. When a loved one, friend or otherwise productive, likable coworker has this problem -- it's not easy. This show accurately reflects that, though it's not satisfying entertainment.


Agreed, Nurse Jackie cheats, deceives, pop pills. but her deceiving is mostly because she can't accept to hurt her friends, her husband, her kids. is she less likeable than Greg House, who cheats, deceives, pop pills, and is never afraid to hurt? would it be that a woman (a mother!), and a nurse, is more expected to sacrifice and be a saint than a man, and a doctor?


She's become very unlikeable because the patient stories are now being given short shrift.
Season 1 was the best of the three Seasons. Tiny Bubbles was the best episode of Season 1.
I'm glad O'Hara is going to help her get off pain meds, but what about the fact that she's in pain?
Is there no surgery that can help her?
Did I miss an episode that explains that, please forgive me if this is obvious to everyone else.


I was extremely disappointed by the finale, hoping that Jackie would finally have to face the music. When Kevin confessed to having an affair I just thought: here we go again, another season of her lying, cheating, stealing and never being held accountable. Whatever redeeming qualities Jackie has left don't make up for the fact that she is totally selfish, delusional and thoroughly unlikeable. The writers of the show let the viewers down with such a lazy, same-old-same-old finale. I'm ready to see Jackie get some just desserts. Think of all the new story possibilities if she actually had to face some consequences, instead of another season of her treating people like crap and getting away with it – yawn. I enjoy the show, great characters, but please SWITCH. IT. UP.


One thing I will say is that all good things must come to an end...i think Jackie will eventually have to pay for her actions. Instead of a bunch of little speed bumps along the way, i think at some point the shit will hit the fan and Jackie will have a lot to answer for..if they did that this episode, she wouldn't be working at All Saints anymore, taking away at least half the characters, moving the show to an entirely new "location". Its only season 3...there is still plenty of time for Jackie to get hers...


I wanted her to forgive Kevin. I love their marriage. Who can blame him for feeling lonely in this marriage? No, her character does not evolve and that is a pity. But I still enjoyed the finale, there were some heartfelt and some fun moments. I adore Zoey.


The whole show's based off the idea that Jackie's above her selfish behavior as a drug addict liar. I think we're (the audience/fans) supposed to turn our heads to the troubled hero's behavior as if to say "the good in her heart makes up for the evil error in her ways". The character's portrayed brilliantly by Edie, & I sympathize w/people addicted to prescription pills in reality because I've personally been there, but she shouldn't just get a mulligan everytime she fucks some1 over. That's not the way the world works, & even in a fantasy world, that shouldn't be how it works either. This season should've ended w/a character arc. Jackie shouldn't have just been let off Scott free. I think showtime's taking the 'Dexter' approach in which the main characters always gets to continue their horrific behavior w/out a hitch. I'm not sure if I agree this's way to go w/this particular character.

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