Producers React to Game of Thrones Shocker: They Killed Off Who?!?

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SPOILER WARNING: Don't you dare read any further if you have not yet watched last night's Game of Thrones episode and/or read our review of "Baelor."

The following interview excerpts with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss focus on a major development from the most recent installment of this HBO drama, as the show took the shocking step of killing off a main character.

Below, the producers respond to a pair of questions: Where they afraid this move would alienate viewers? What does it mean for season two?

Eddard Stark Pic

With the decision to follow the books and off Sean Bean's Eddard Stark - the individual most hyped on season one, anchoring the show's first official poster - Weiss told Entertainment Weekly the series is "setting up other characters" for the future.

"The idea is this show gets its hooks into people enough so you’re going to want to know what happens to Tyrion and Arya. So even though we lose key characters, we’re still invested in a lot of characters so you’ll want to know what happens next," he said.

Who might replace Bean on the show? Any other significant actors?

"There are a bunch of names up for discussion, so it’s quite possible," Benioff said. "Certainly there hasn’t been any kind of mandate that we need to cast big names, but there are some well known actors who would be great for certain roles."

Read the full interview with these two at EW and respond now: Were you stunned by the death of Stark? Where will the drama go from here?


After the bad guys won the first 10 times, I was like: NOW NED STARK IS GUNNA BREAK OUT!!! Then they pulled him out of a dungeon and killed him. uhh what? Why betray my trust. Now I will never care about any of the other characters because I know the show is unjust and depressing. It's not fun to watch your only horse in the race get killed before it leaves the gate.


i can not believe the things i am reading in this thread. ned's death is crucial to the whole damn series. you can't change that just because you "love" the actor... that's absolutely ridiculous. no wonder reality television has taken over the magic box.


It surprises me that some people watch such a great series just for happy ending. Sean Bean's acting wasn't even that great in these series! His death, though unexpected and sorrow, was the greatest experience I've ever had! It brought emotions, brought a lot of thinking, a lot of hatred for the Joffrey and it brought a lot to look forward to (like final justice and such!)
Anyone who'd want this series to deviate from the books (which I haven't read but planning to) should just quit watching and leave.


Yeah they killed off every likable character Ned ,the king,if Neds bastard son gets it im done!


i can´t believe that they killed Ned Stark, the serie will not be the same without Sean Bean :(


... As for the show trying to resemble reality, well, I must admit it does a good job at that (better than other series) where honest man die mand corrupt man triumph but be warned, even in reality, tyrants find a grisly end many times... Just look at recent history in middle east and you'll know what I mean, they weren't fed to a red dragon, literally, but they got as close to that as it was "practical"...


Killing Ned Stark was bad enough, almost killed the entire series for me (no more fun, I'll join night watchand dump the series... I did not read the books but I learned that Joff the usurper king will die from poison later on... Another mistake, that spoiled brat should end his miserable life in the belly of a huge red dragon... While the Dragon rider sits on his/her (former) throne while feeding him to his/her huge mount. Now, that would be fitting...


Hahaahha deal with it it's real life... This wouldnt be such an excellent show if they didnt do it... In any other show Jon would apear there and save Ned and everything would be like in a fairytale.... Well not, and thats what makes this show one of the best on TV (IMdB also says that) Because u never know whats gonna happen!


Killing him off is like killing off aragorn from LoTR. He was the most interesting character and the most dense one at that :P MAAAAAAAAAAAN!


Now I will only watch season two to see that small blond idiot get raped badly (and I'm not talking about the midget), and I hope he does (maybe the khal comes back from the dead and literally rapes him)

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