Racy Blake Lively Pics: The Real Deal?

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Blake Lively's rep says the alleged, racy photos of the Gossip Girl star are fake.

The hacker who leaked them says that's laughable ... and he's got a ton more.

The unexpected racy photo story that broke yesterday has been greeted by mixed reactions - some are convinced it's her, some are convinced it's not, some feel bad for the actress ... everybody's surprised we're even talking about it.

The photo below, which leaked this morning, sure looks like her. However, in most of the actual nude shots, her face is at least partially covered. So ... we have no idea.

Follow this link for the latest on the Blake Lively scandal ...

Leaked Blake Lively Picture

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The award for best post ever on tv fanatic goes to Marcos, wow! ITA


BTW - Chair fan the photo could be a reversed image, which would make the tattoo look opposite when in reality it is not. I do not think Blake really has that tattoo, I think it was just makeup for the movie. But, if I am wrong it could be that some of the pics are her, and others are not.


I disagree, Marcus, I think she is very pretty. I like her face and body. Yes, Leighton is also beautiful but has a completely different look from Blake, which I think really works for them as BFFs on GG. Obviously, Blake sells magazines or she would not be on so many covers. None of the GG actors have had break out success beyond the show yet, but that will change. Oh, and I do not find Meagan Fox attractive in the least. In fact, I find her rather odd looking. Different strokes for different folks, or beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, as they say.


Lol "Marcos" you are so right!


its totally not her the tats in the pic are on the complete opposite side of her chest!


We all know she has bigger boobs.




Outside of a GG fangirls, which describes all of u. Nobody knows who this chick is, her movie tanked and well I'm gonna blast the truth here. She has a great bod but compared to other hollywood starlets, even her body isn't THAT hott. So she got a boob job to stand out cuz her acting aint all that. Then there was the problem of her face. Not exactly Megan Fox either, lip injections would have been to obvious. Give Meester a fake tan and tits and nobody looks at Blake. She's just trying to stay afloat in an industry that was about to swallow her up. She will never be big or huge but B grade is a possibility. Truth hurts, flame me if u like but u know I'm right. Word


Don't see the big deal.


They're just nude photos. So what, her hair looks nice?! At least her body looks fab. America - Stop throwing shade.


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