RIP, Charlie Harper?

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So much for Charlie Harper's happy ending.

While sources previously said Chuck Lorre and company would resolve its Charlie Sheen problem by simply having that character remain in Paris with Rose, a new report says plans have changed.

Harper is now headed for the giant punchline in the sky.

Charlie and His Driver

No premiere script has been finalized yet, so ideas are subject to change, but CBS insiders tell TMZ the current storyline involves Ashton Kutcher's character purchasing Charlie's house after he's reported dead. Alan and Jake will learn of Charlie's fate early in the first episode back.

Are you in favor of this proposed outcome?

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I agree I think the cast is perfect and charlie sheen is the topper without him in it I will lose interest in the show as good as the other actors are charlie sheens character fits in perfecly. As for Chuck Lorre how has he made it this far with mistakes like that.....needs to sort out what went wrong and keep the show going cause its a gold mine


I think the show will developed a whole new life! Jake is due to head up some story lines, Allan is the REAL STAR anyway! His character has the best lines & best silent comedy (facial & physical). Maybe they dont kill Charlie off, maybe they do. If necessary, he can always come back somehow....It is Hollywood! The show is actually capable of pulling off a brand new spin-off, (if u will). With 9 future seasons of it's own. I think its GREAT that the producers didn't let the show die, when Charlie Sheen's sanity did.


anyone who is dumb and cant see that mr.sheens real life stuff is a 'andy kaufman' like act of acting like how the media thinks he is and messing with people that sit around glued to TMZ and the insider is a loser! Who the hell are you to say what is and ok for someone to do.. If they kill him off thats there deal... This is all a joke... Now go read your teen people and shut the heck up you sad lonely little trolls!!


nah, i like the show, but a dead Charlie could be interesting, maybe not in the show, but in the real life... a death tells us that they can´t handle the show without him, and just leaving him in paris shows that Sheen isn´t as big as he think for the series... Tiger-blooded winner!!!!


Charlie could always come back as a ghost to torment Alan.


it's not going to be the same I like Ashton he was great as Kelso but I think it's to many season in to replace a character that big now it worked when Sasha wanted to leave NCIS at the end of season two but this isn't the case it's going to season 9 I don't think Aston and the rest of the great cast can pull it off. but I could be wrong I will wait and see


Then its the fan to blame


That's a stupid idea! The show will never be the same without Charlie Sheen! I feel bad for the rest of the fantastic cast, because I think the show is going to crash and burn. One of the best shows out there, I will miss it!


Can you blame him he was attack for being a jew


If they actually kill Charlie, who is the only reason the show is so successful, I would refuse to watch a Chuck Lorre show ever again. I don`t see how he can be so petty.

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