Rookie Blue Episode Preview: Andy Undercover!

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Rookie Blue is back and, based on a surprise shooting last week, more intense than ever.

What will Thursday's "Might Have Been" deliver?

  • Andy and Gail will go undercover as part of a drug bust.
  • Traci will find herself drawn back to Detective Barber.
  • A complaint will be filed against Dov.

Watch the official trailer now:

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I'm so addicted to this little summer show. I've NEVER anticipated a new season or episode like this. Hell I've never watched a cop show or cared for a tv couple like Sam and Andy. Right now my day to day life Isn't good and Its nice to have a "balanced" show on at night. It really grabs you by the balls in the simplest ways. Love the humor, action, drama and chemistry. Amazing that the cast works so well together and its only the second season. Phenomenal


This show is getting better alright. If you don't care for Sam and Andy you don't have a pulse. Love the situations they get themselves in. My favorite show is back thank god.


Damn I LOVE this show, by far the best summer drama I can remember. Love me some Andy and Sam. I love Grey's also but this is even better. The addition of Rosatti, is just icing on the freakin awesome cake. Dov is hilarious and I can tolerate Gail around Chris. Must. Have. Close. Sandy. Moments.


Woah! Poor Andy, what's with her getting shot in the chest lately? Hahaha, no need to worry about it though. If you listen clearly enough, you can hear that the gun wasn't loaded.
As for the undercover gig, really? Andy undercover? Last time she was undercover, she did terribly. For example: Being a hooker. Although, she's no longer a rookie, so she may get control of this. :D

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