Shameless Season 2 Casting Scoop: Welcome, Mandy and Mark

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Two new characters will be featured on season two of Shameless.

The first will be Mandy. Casting notes describe her as a "street smart neighborhood girl." Look for her to come from a broken home and become a good friend of Ian's.

The second will be Mark, a recurring 27-year hunk who has an over-developed sense of self worth. He'll actually remind fans of Justin Chatwin's Steve. Got any casting ideas? You know where to find the Comments section!

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for the people who dont know.... steve will be in this season. he will return for fiona. and as far as mandy, the original girl that played mandy is in a new show now and that is why the have a new girl playing mandys role. and as for you thinking that the reviews will go down hill...think again. this show has had five or more seasons already over in the UK. and if you watch them they are excatly the same. same characters and same story. only difference is that the people who fill the character rolls are british or whatever. and obviously since there are so many seasons over there AND they decided to bring this show over to the US, that means its a GREAT show. so dont criticize. just trust the creators and watch the show. its amazing and twisted.


I agree lacyjo84! Justin Chatwin adds so much to this show. I was disappointed he wasn't or isn't going to be a main character. Premier seemed a little off without him.


I'm confused about the 'Mandy' situation myself. After seeing the new episode, I believe it's supposed to be the same character. I will say that I prefer the first actress better; so far anyways... Guess we'll have to wait & see as the season progresses. Although I don't see these brilliant writers making a new character w/ the same name.


Just chatwin made this show and its ridiculous that he won't be in the second season. They need to bring him back and make it good!!!!! I see shameless going down in reviews real quick with his character not being in this show.


Wait a minute. I know that Mandy Milkovich will not be back because the actress, Jane Levy, landed an ABC pilot. So there will be a new girl named Mandy? I'll reserve judgment. Will they be as creative with the new Mandy as the UK writers were with the old one and her brother Mickey? I hope so.


So correct me if im wrong but mandy is already a character on shameless.. are they recasting her?