Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Spoilers: SAMCRO vs. SAMTAZ

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Season four of Sons of Anarchy will address the future of Jax and Tara. It will also cause Clay to wonder about his future with the club.

Show sources tell Entertainment Weekly that the President's hand problems will be as bad as ever this fall, which could be a major problem for the following reason:

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SAMCRO will find itself up against SAMTAZ when the series returns in September. That would be the Sons of Anarchy Tucson charter. What will be the beef between the clubs?

We'll have to tune in and find out.

Season four is expected to pick up about 14 months after events on the season three finale, just as the Sons we know and love are getting out of jail.

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Pmann is right SAMCRO stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals


I think maybe the C is for California.
There is
SAMBEL- Belfast
SAMTAZ- Tucson Arizona
SAMCRO- California Redwood Original.
Thats just what I think because the rest are just SAM + The Charter location.
SAM Must be for - (S)ons of (A)narchy (M)otorcycle club
CRO means (C)alifornia (R)edwood (O)riginal
TAZ means (T)ucson (AZ)
BEL is for Belfast, Ireland


rick805 seems to have the right idea, but then shouldn't the C in SAMCRO stand for Charming, like the T in SAMTAZ is for Tuscon and the B in SAMBEL is for Belfast?


I thought SAMCRO stood for Sons of Anarchy Mother Chapter Redwood Original? anyways...great show I'm catching up halfway through season 3.


SAMCRO is not a PERSON, it stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, and its SAMCRO not SAM CROW =]]


well the way i got it figured is....samcro is just a fiction teller made up...and because he WAS the man everybody went with it...sam..crow..just like the a diversion..instead of saying soa..its BELEIVED to say sam crow....not samcro......there is no meaning....but it will be a person eventually....thats what john is trying to get across....anyone ever look up sam crow?


Best show ever


Whow, broke my leg and while sitting on my ass i`ll see 3 seasons of S.O.A.


All you guys are wrong. The C stands for California as in (S)ons of (A)narchy (M)otorcycle club (C)alifornia (R)edwood
(O)riginal. That's why it's SAMTAZ- Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle club Tuscon Arizona and also SAMBEL (S)ons of (A)narchy
(M)otorcycle club (BEL)fast. F.Y.I There is no one set way of making up the club name, its the way Kurt Sutter wants to make the initals. Oh yeah as for Hale, you guys are forgetting something VERY important from season 3 after they got back from Ireland. HINT cell phone.


@matthew it not going to be easy for them and it doesn't matter if SAMCRO IS the mother charter remember belfast and how unloyal that charter now they are finding out and learning that not every charter abides by their rules and don't give a damn about the mother charter and do what they want and how they want so with that said it shows the club most likely can't be saved and they are turning into a true outlaw motorcycle gang. that is what the show is about.

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