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I'm normally a huge fan of Butters-centric episodes, but this week's, "City Sushi," just didn't have the humor of the past exploits of my favorite clueless, innocent South Park kids.

I admit I was not only surprised by the Usual Suspects-esque twist at the end, but actually fairly impressed. South Park always has a unique way of tying together seemingly unrelated stories, but this week's felt even more clever than usual.

Crazy Butters Picture

But there was just something about this episode that was too "blah" for my taste.

Sure, I found the diagnosis of Butters' play time as multiple personality disorder entertaining the first time. Outside of that and a few good lines by Mr. Stotch, the episode's main jokes stemmed from standard Asian stereotypes already beaten to death a season ago.

Don't get me wrong, there were still plenty of parts that made me laugh, but this episode really made me think I was too harsh on last week's
NCAA satire.

I also must note that I love the Simpsons trick they used of resetting everything at the end by allowing Dr. Janus to continue living his life as Lu Kim.

Maybe I don't like it over the course of a whole episode, but South Park needs its resident Asian for equal opportunity offending.

So, everyone ready to yell at me for how wrong I was? Maybe instead you can spend that time submitting your favorite South Park quotes. Either way, go to it!


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Maybe the reviewer has a difficult time peeling back the subtle layers of humor created by poking fun at the hysterical levels of political correctness over racial stereotypes propagated by the supposed elitists in this country. I think South Park's creators have done a brilliant job communicating the message that people in the US take themselves way too seriously. By far the best episode of the current season.


I actually love this episode, the best episode out of season 15 so far (apart from T.M.I and HumancentiPad). Louis, can I just say that when South Park bases episodes on stuff that has happened in real life, it is really funny, like when they made fun of Facebook or World of Warcraft. By the way, your grammar is terrible. I'd recommend using full stops at the end of sentences.


It's strange. I overall had very mixed feelings about this episode as a whole. But several of the components were absolutely hilarious. Somehow, though, all of those funny parts simply did not add up to a cohesive solid episode. Does anyone else know what I mean? Usually, also, it's easy to either at some point during the end of the episode to say clearly what they were satirizing (Human Centipede/iPad 2, for example, or the NCAA system) or clear that it's just an enjoyable, creative riff on the characters (like Christmas Critters). But coming away from this, overall there just wasn't any real focus. They were all over place! Ultimately, I came away thinking: OK, so they've been watching "United States of Tara," quite obviously, and they're mocking the title character's sudden and increasingly absurd (shock value) transitions, especially the inclusion of newly developing personalities that are growing more and more dangerous. But after a quick search on the internet, I'm only one of two people who picked up on this and decided to mention it. Overall, there was no clear satirical message. It was a mess. A mess that was very funny in parts, but utterly lacking in tying up the two themes to make the 'sode enjoyable. I mean, seriously: if their message is muddied that only two people on the internet even know what they're referencing, then their story-writing is having some very, very serious trouble.


Out of this season so far the only episodes I've liked are this one and TMI. The rest are just not funny...I give this one 4.4 out of 5
not quite A but upper B


Best episode ever. Kim just became my favorite character


One of the best episodes in several seasons, and one of the best lines and set-ups ever: "What your son needs is tender loving medication, heavy medication." I'll take TLM over TLC any day.


Disagree...Rabble, Rabble Rabble!!!! Just kidding. I do disagree with the review, but it's expected that nearly half of the people that watch South Park think the current episode is the best thing ever, while the other half didn't laugh once. I'll just leave it at this: best of this run so far (with only one episode left to go), laughed a bunch of times, but I can understand where people wouldn't. Still loved it though.


this episode was gr8 m8


oh finally! A good episode came out of season 15!
I laughed on several occasions. Especially the part when Butters is being forced to open the valve and how the doctor switched personality in the middle of everything. So f**** funny


This episode is by far one of the best episodes of the season. i'm sick of south park making satire based out of real life events/things. this episode is much more creative. an instant classic imo

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