South Park Review: "You're Getting Old"

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Wow. Normally, I like to wait until the following morning to post my reviews, but this week's South Park left me with the desire to share my take with fellow fans. Greetings, TV Fanatics!

Happy Birthday Stan!

Tonight was the South Park mid-season finale and, boy, did Matt Stone and Trey Parker know how to end things. All season, I've heard critics complaining that the two have lost interest in their show and would rather be working on their musical and other projects.

But seldom did it I believe it was true. Sure, this season has only been average, but there's been some decent episodes and some great ones over the last few weeks. So you could imagine I didn't believe Stone and Parker were done with their sitcom until the comedic geniuses expressed their opinions through Sharon and Randy's failed marriage.

"It's like the same story keeps happening every week, only it keeps getting more and more ridiculous."

Obviously, 15 seasons in, the guys are allowed to get sick of their show. But after giving me all these years of brilliant satires, where will I tune into to see fourth graders rip on the NCAA or medicinal marijuana?  Okay, before I spend anymore time lamenting the possible loss of my favorite series, it might be time to discuss this week's adventure, "You're Getting Old."

By now, all South Park fans have probably been able to identify with Stan's growing older at least once in their lives to appreciate the dubstep 'tween wave sounding like shit. Hopefully, you don't have the condition of being a cynical asshole, where even treasured Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey and Kevin James movies look like shit.

Meanwhile, as Sharon pointed out, there was the ever ridiculous Randy back to re-claim his youth. This time around he put down his World of Warcraft armor, and picked back up his guitar as Steamy Ray Vaughn. Pretty clever to see him trying to imitate the "shit" sound he heard in his head while listening to the kids' music as he played live.

The scene stealers, meanwhile, were the two little old men who analyzed the 'tween years and sought to save the breeches of Steamie Ray Vaughn and Nicks. Speaking of Steamie Nicks, let's hand back to the ending set to her lovely song, Landslide.

I'm not sure which was tougher, watching Sharon and Randy separate or watching Stan's innocence end. Or maybe it was watching Cartman and Kyle become friends. No, it was definitely just realizing that South Park was coming to an end.

Well, at least Parker and Stone are contractually obligated to give us seven more episodes. Suckers. But if tonight was any indication, at least they decided to shake things up for the last seven and won't just keep telling the same story over and over again.

For that and the lasting impact, I'm giving this episode the highest score of the season. And, personally, especially after this rambling review, I'm ready to welcome the end of this show's glorious era and can't wait to see where they'll take us. You?


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A very complicated episode that could be read in a number of ways. To pick up on the analysis earlier regarding the two hicks trying to "save the britches," you'll notice that they failed in their attempt because the police came and took the britches back. I think the police are a metaphor for Comedy Central, or maybe fans in general, who have Trey and Matt beholden to a contract, or in the case of fans, for sentimental reasons. As such, I don't think this is the end, but it might be an indication that the end is coming after the next 7 episodes, or that there will be a shift in the way things are played out. I sincerely hope they don't end the show; it's one of the very few "correctives" out there to the ridiculousness of society and it is from a non-liberal viewpoint--which makes it that much more unique.


Wow. I can't tell if this is serious or if we're getting trolled. Either way, I love south park, I was blown away by this episode, and I get the feeling the next episode will be a terrence and phillip episode.


Anybody else notice the alien in the back of the bar? I have a sneaky suspicion we'll see some classic aliens in the last few episodes, seeing as we can all be a little sneaky sometimes "God damn Mongolians!" - Best episode ever


i think that even thought it was a deep and meaningful message behind the episode i think that it was removing the spirt that we have come to love about south park and it wasnt really witty or just plain stupid as southpark usually is and i think if it were to end it shouldn't end like this as its so out of style


DUDE I have never been sad about a TV show ending. NEVER BUT DUDE....not south park. I have never been sad about a TV show...until now. I think fading away into mediocrity is better than ...breaking all our hearts. DUDE, Don't do it.... :'( Sell the rights to the show, maybe somebody else will make it. ...... its not the same shit over and over... i really liked T.M.I (best episode of the season), and CBAA, city sushi was alright. You guys were on a roll in season 14. One of the BEST SEASON's ever. WTF? WTF how can you end it now? SEASON 14 breathed new life into Southpark. I loved all of the episodes. Dude...WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF


I'm sad cz I grew up watching it. Oh well better to end it now before the quality takes a real dive.


The first time I ever felt like crying after watching an episode of southpark. I'm glad they're going to end it on good note.


The president is a duck. That part was my favorite.


Nah I think its really ending, its trey and matts style. They have shown they don't like shows that go on for too long and end in low quality. I don't think it could of been of beem more obvious, then the music theme they incodrporated into it, when randy and sharon talked it sounded a shitload like carole king its too late. And then they had ill be watching you played by kyles dad, and the last song the one about changes. This was so depressing, I guess imma start watching crude comedy now, u know stick to the pointless stuff like family guy or aqua teen or tosh.o or wkuk. I'm eager to see how they'll end this though. So far so good.


Chef getting killed off wasn't nearly as sad as this one . . .

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