South Park Review: "You're Getting Old"

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Wow. Normally, I like to wait until the following morning to post my reviews, but this week's South Park left me with the desire to share my take with fellow fans. Greetings, TV Fanatics!

Happy Birthday Stan!

Tonight was the South Park mid-season finale and, boy, did Matt Stone and Trey Parker know how to end things. All season, I've heard critics complaining that the two have lost interest in their show and would rather be working on their musical and other projects.

But seldom did it I believe it was true. Sure, this season has only been average, but there's been some decent episodes and some great ones over the last few weeks. So you could imagine I didn't believe Stone and Parker were done with their sitcom until the comedic geniuses expressed their opinions through Sharon and Randy's failed marriage.

"It's like the same story keeps happening every week, only it keeps getting more and more ridiculous."

Obviously, 15 seasons in, the guys are allowed to get sick of their show. But after giving me all these years of brilliant satires, where will I tune into to see fourth graders rip on the NCAA or medicinal marijuana?  Okay, before I spend anymore time lamenting the possible loss of my favorite series, it might be time to discuss this week's adventure, "You're Getting Old."

By now, all South Park fans have probably been able to identify with Stan's growing older at least once in their lives to appreciate the dubstep 'tween wave sounding like shit. Hopefully, you don't have the condition of being a cynical asshole, where even treasured Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey and Kevin James movies look like shit.

Meanwhile, as Sharon pointed out, there was the ever ridiculous Randy back to re-claim his youth. This time around he put down his World of Warcraft armor, and picked back up his guitar as Steamy Ray Vaughn. Pretty clever to see him trying to imitate the "shit" sound he heard in his head while listening to the kids' music as he played live.

The scene stealers, meanwhile, were the two little old men who analyzed the 'tween years and sought to save the breeches of Steamie Ray Vaughn and Nicks. Speaking of Steamie Nicks, let's hand back to the ending set to her lovely song, Landslide.

I'm not sure which was tougher, watching Sharon and Randy separate or watching Stan's innocence end. Or maybe it was watching Cartman and Kyle become friends. No, it was definitely just realizing that South Park was coming to an end.

Well, at least Parker and Stone are contractually obligated to give us seven more episodes. Suckers. But if tonight was any indication, at least they decided to shake things up for the last seven and won't just keep telling the same story over and over again.

For that and the lasting impact, I'm giving this episode the highest score of the season. And, personally, especially after this rambling review, I'm ready to welcome the end of this show's glorious era and can't wait to see where they'll take us. You?


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if this really is the end i think trey and matt are getting too cocky from their little broadway show and the mediocre attention its getting and they think their past south park now. don't get me wrong im sure they are capable of doing other great things...but letting go of their best creation ever..this early would be stupid. buuut on the other hand they could be just getting tired of comedy central and all their censorship and all their shit.


Wow... So much shit changing, and with my graduation tomorrow morning... I respect dropping out before killing the show, and I respect giving us some warning, but PLEASE make the last few episodes timeless. At the least a movie to wrap it all up like previously stated. And yes, the show is getting really repetitive, seeing as Stans birthday was just in Whale Whores, remember? Randy-"Fun birthday, huh Stan?"


i Cryed.. i mean Seriously the ONLY Show in Television history that has made me Laugh my ass Off! feel sad at times and Really care about it is Actually ending! i cant believe it but when Sharon and Randy where Fight and the words that they said Struck a Nerve that really made Sense. i didnt like the first few episodes of this Season and Really thought "this isnt south park" well watching them im glad if it ends Before it Gets Over played and really isnt funny anymore. i hate to see that happen with this show since i respect and think so highly of it. its just so hard! ive Grew up on South park since i was a baby and i own every Episode on my PS3 and on Disk i even own Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and Kyle dolls at a Fair that comes to my town once a year.. im really going to miss this and i guess its back to playing every episode on my PS3 on replay when its all over =[


A overlooked scene that tells it all is when the two old guys are outside the house as Randy and Sharon are fighting: "You... sure you wanna do this?" "We got to now." 7 more, guys.


it could be matt and trey fucking with us....i mean its not the first time. they did kill off kenny for good for a while remember? maybe this is just a sign that the show will be taking a slightly different direction this time (i.e after kenny came back they no longer did the tradition of killing him all the time)...or maybe im in denial who knows we will find out next week!
all i know is...if its the end and its gonna end like this its gonna be soo sad :'( ps. im sorry for all those dubstep fans but im 21 and i think its just...really shitty and a new low in music so i liked that part of the episode but the rest was so depressing!


Dudes, southpark vowed a long time ago to outlast the Simpsons to be the longest running show. It was once a battle of which was better Simpsons or Southpark- Southpark won. As they say, the show must go on.


Wow. Honestly this South Park episode just left me speechless, I don't even know what to think about the direction the show might take now, for one I don't want it to end, because I truly enjoy the show, but in the other hand it might be the right thing to do, is just the natural progression of things, and in fact part of growing and keep going on. I just think this review compluetely resumed it for me, from the comparission you made between tween wave and dubstep (on a side note I do like dubstep, I just could tell right away that was the music they were talking about, and I found it pretty funny that yo though the same thing) to the spot on description that you gave about the message the creators might be giving to us with this episode. I am just about to hit my 20s and couldn't help but relate to Stan growing up and I was really moved by this episode. It's being a good run and I just cant wait to see what happens.


This episode means the show will end soon.. And its going to be hard to except it but people can only stop working on somthing for so long that they get bored ..its kind of like what happened Chappelle's show and it still has left a dent in comedy central if south park does end what will keep it alive Tosh is going leave at a point and then what the daily show or ugly americans.. South park is going to leave a dent in people and we will miss it..


I'm sad to see it end too, but at the same time if they're planning on ending this season with more of this kind of episodes I think it's the best possible thing they could do. I found this episode kind of touching, which isn't something you can say about South Park that often. If this is the beginning of the end... then wow. What an ending it's going to be.


the funny thing is, i've really enjoyed this season. if you dont like this is the beginning of the end, you should probably stop watching.

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