Taylor Momsen Turns Heads in Concert

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Taylor Momsen is certainly going all out with the rocker act.

The Gossip Girl star, who will no longer be a series regular next season, turned many heads in Leicestershire, England with a little bit of exhibitionism, you could say.

Not by accident, either. Her sleeves were ripped wide open to reveal full-on breast viewage, with only a pair of duct tape X marks strategically placed over them.

Follow the link above to see if you're so inclined ...

Taylor Singin'

She will always have critics, but the Pretty Reckless' music is pretty good, and Taylor seems happy doing the rock thing. We wish her the best, and hold out hope for Jenny cameos!

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Gaby ee

Well it just seems as something Taylor would do, so I'm not so surprised. Anyway, her music is really good and I've missed her on Gossip Girl.


Same here, good luck for her new project...
I've to admit I've heard only a song, not knowing who she was, & I was impressed! The album is really nice & serious rockin'stuff, suggested


Ok, i will always love taylor, she has such an amazing voice and she really wants to embrace this badass rock chick thing..so whatever, as long as she keeps bring us great music, good luck to her. Disappointed she's not in Gg anymore, really loved her character.


it must hurt to take off that tape!!! =/

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